5 Unexpected Health Benefits of Playing Ludo Board Game for Everyone

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Yes, Ludo. A board game exists in almost every part of the world and played by billion players.

Since many researcher already proved that there are many advantages like benefits of games for seniors, health benefits board games in the classroom and some benefits of playing board games with family, in some ways, it is sounds not so ridiculous when people say this game has some ‘unexpected’ positive health benefits for those who play it.

So, what’s the fact?

Ludo is a board game derived from an ancient India. It is believed that the game is evolved from the one called as ‘Pachisi’.

The oldest evidence, which shows a similar board pattern, was found in the form of a depiction on the Ellora cave wall in the ancient Maharashtra temple complex.

The British Empire, back in 1896, was the one which brought it to the spotlight of human civilization and patented the name we know today.

Departing from that, we will further discuss about the topic, thus, it is not always about the cognitive benefits of playing video games every day only, but here are five unexpected health benefits of playing Ludo board game for everyone:

1. Developing brain function.

Ludo and other board games are so engaging. They embrace the competitive surge upon their players. Moreover people will also find them enjoyable, fun, and interesting.

These kind of games ‘ignite’ the brain part which related to the elaborate cognition and prolonged memory – encourage the important perceptive abilities such as decision making and problem solving.

From the latest research, the activities which endure such brain components may reduce the developing chance of Alzheimer Disease (AD).

Moreover, it can also improve the performance of brain neurological system which responsible with the stroke.

Thus, by playing Ludo, it can keep the brain condition at its peak and stay healthy.

So if you know some exciting health benefits of playing candy crush, it also appear when you play the Ludo too!

2. Giving pleasure and relieving some stress.

Since it is a game, it mend to be fun. Many people play Ludo as a media for entertainment, party show case, an ice breaker, family ‘q-time’, etc.

Moreover, it also can bring some laugh, intimacy with others, and various affective aspects. Therefore, it may relieve the nerves.

There are some researches that said that laughing can decrease the stress rate. It is not only that, having good time with people we cared mostly, also do the things. So, Ludo makes that one too.

From the survey which conducted by RealNetworks, Inc., 53% of the participant believed that playing game board, which Ludo was also part of it, can reduce the stress.

3. Lowering the blood pressure.

During the process of laughing that you were done whileplaying the Ludo, many things happen within your body. It’s not just a burst ofhappiness which happened that time, but also many chemical processes.

There are some research that said that laughing can decrease the stress rate. Not only that, having a good time with people we mostly care also do the things.

So, Ludo make that one too. From the survey which conducted by RealNetworks, Inc., 53% of the participant believed that playing game board, which Ludo was also part of it, can reduce the stress.

4. Avoiding serious disease.

Based on point above, it is so sure that Ludo also may avoid its players from serious emotional-triggered diseases.

Not only stroke and Alzheimer, which already mentioned in point number two, but there also more of it.

The high blood pressure can be associated with other serious diseases like artery damage or heart attack.

Because by playing Ludo may lower the blood pressure, so it may also prevent those awful diseases. It will help them be more at ease and breath easily.

5. Strengthen the body immune system.

Some study believed that the human body immune system are deeply correlated with the psychological condition and mental state.

From the result of those studies, it was clear that people with low mental condition like depression or pessimism, tend to have a low immune system. Therefore, it also occur in the opposite ways.

Suited with the point number two that Ludo and other board games may lower the stress level and giving pleasure, it is obvious that they are able to console people’s mind condition too. In that way, Ludo strengthens the body immune system.

Then, if you don’t know the rules and about how to play this Ludo game, this is the rules of and how to play it:

  • Ludo can be played for at least two players and maximum four players.
  • Each of the players stands by their own and cannot help each other.
  • Each player has four ‘pawn’. The first player who can send all their pawn at the designation (center of the game board) is the winner.
  • If player consist of three or four, after the first winner is finish, the game is still on to determine the second, third and fourth position.
  • The players move clockwise all their pawns suited with the tiles pattern of their own until win.

And those are unexpected health benefits of playing Ludo board game for everyone, which can add some insight for you.

Who knows that a board game may give a lot of benefits for the health? So remember, play it a lot!


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