7 Health Benefits of Ceragem Therapy (No.1 is Best)

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Most of you probably are not aware of ceragem therapy. Ceragem therapy originally comes from Korea. Ceragem is also the name of the medical equipments company, established in 1998. It is the first company to develop an automatical thermal massager in the world. Thus, the term ceragem therapy.

Ceragem TherapyThe company’s headquarter is located in Cheonan, Korea. Ceragem also produces blood glucose monitor, skin care device, cosmetics, and healthy living products. Ceragem already has 3000 centers or stores in 70 countries over the world. As a company, Ceragem already held a number of certifications such as ISO 9001: 2008 for the design, development, production, and distribution of thermal acupressure devices and thermo-massagers.

Chinese’ Chuna Method was the inspiration of developing ceragem thermal massager or ceragem therapy. Ceragem therapy stresses on four main principal points: finger pressure, massage, moxibustion, and thermal therapy.

  • “Finger pressure” in ceragem thermal massager is a concept of turning the process of physical stimulation by fingers like “massaging” into a device.
  • “Thermal therapy” in ceragem thermal massager is a concept of turning the process of giving heat to certain parts of the body like in “moxibustion” into a device.

In short, ceragem therapy works by applying heat, finger pressure and massage. It combines eastern traditional medical treatment with modern technology. You can gain all that just a click away. Sounds too good to be true right? Let us dig deeper to find out what this therapy has to offer.

The device provides far infrared to give a certain amount of heat to the human body. The far infrared comes from solid jade and epoxy carbon panels attached on massager. The heat is almost similar with the body’s heat. Based on their official website and customer reviews that I gather, here are 7 health benefits of ceragem therapy:

  1. It can help relieve muscle pain;
  2. It can help promote body posture;
  3. It can help relieve muscle stiffness and eases aches associated with arthritis;
  4. It can help promote blood circulation;
  5. It can promote relaxation and relieve stress;
  6. It can promote deep sleep;
  7. It can promote immune system.

To see the results of using ceragem therapy may take different times in everyone, depending on the age, health condition, and lifestyle. Although there are some claims about the effectiveness of ceragem therapy in healing some illness, there is still no evidence to back this up scientifically.

Currently ceragem therapy comes on three types of thermal massager: automatic, manual, and folding type. Since the price of the products is quite expensive, Ceragem offers free trials in their Ceragem centers as stated on their official website. It takes about 40 to 50 minutes for every session of the trials. Yay, for free trials.

Using Tips

  • Every device is equipped with complete manual insctructions. Ceragem recommends to use ceragem thermal massager up to twice (morning and evening) a day since it uses up only a bit of energy per use;
  • Everybody can try ceragem therapy. However, people who just underwent a surgery should wait for at least three months before using it. Pregnant woman, people with sensitive to heat, low stamina, skin problem, osteoporosis, and diabetes is preferably not using this device. If you still have any concern about ceragem therapy, you can always consult with your doctor;
  • Do not sleep on the device for long hours since it will cause your shoulder, neck and back a muscle strain. It can cause even more damaging effects like burnt back;
  • Do not use if with a very full stomach or extremely empty one;
  • Children are allowed to use ceragem thermal massager under provision. Adjust the temperature accordingly to the manual instructions;
  • The device can hold up to 150 kg (330 lb) body weight.

Side Effects

Some people gave possitive reviews, others gave bad ones. Some people did not feel any difference whatsoever. Those with possitive reviews usually stated that ceragem therapy is not an overnight healing. However, there has been reports about side effects of using ceragem thermal massager like dizziness and brittle bones. Eventhough brittle bones might sound a bit exaggerating, you should be aware of this before deciding to use ceragem therapy for you and your loved ones. Talk with you health fascilitators to gain more perseptive.