10 Fabulous Benefits of Cabbage for Skin Treatment

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Vegetables are good for the body, including the benefits of cabbage for skin. It has been known for centuries that this kind of vegetables bring many advantages for the health, and mainly to keep a healthy skin.

Furthermore, to get the vegetables can consider very easy. It also one kind of plant that easily grow in various medium. Make sure to have the perfect weather, and it can grow better.

Cabbage is consider as annual vegetable that easily growth in many seasons. Therefore, it is not difficult to get the vegetables for dish in any country and any season. This vegetable have two varian, green cabbage and white cabbage. Both are common to use on many vegetables dishes in many cuisine and well known by most of people. Not to mention that this vegetables bring many advantage, whether for blood health, wellness, and amazingly it also benefit for skin!

Nutrient Content of Cabbage

In each 100gr of cabbage, usually contain below nutrient:

  • 25kcal energy
  • 5.8gr carbohydrates
  • 1.3gr protein
  • 2.5mg fiber
  • 53mg folates
  • 0.24mg niacin
  • 36mg vitamin C
  • 76mg vitamin K
  • 18mg sodium
  • 170mg potassium
  • 40mg calcium
  • 12mg magnesium
  • 26mg phosphorus
  • 0.18mg iron
  • 33mg carotene

For further explanation, below are benefits of cabbage for skin:

1. Smoother

The benefit of cabbage can be a help to produce a better and smoother skin condition. The vitamin inside this plant will work in optimum way to produce a smooth skin surface that loveable by most woman. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for a better skin appearance. This is the same benefits of drinking milk with tumeric for skin that can help to produce a smoother skin surface too.

2. Anti Inflammation

The benefit of this vegetables including to help as an anti inflammation. Therefore, it is good to help avoid the possibility of acne in skin surface that normally can inflame a dirty skin. It will help for those with several skin problems. Furthermore, it can reduce the pain and help to soothe the swollen acne.

3. Whitening

Another advantage of consume the cabbage including to help bring a brighter skin. It can help to bring a whiter skin if consume regularly everyday. However, this advantage need further proven. The best is to apply the processed cabbage directly into skin surface and get the optimum result of brighter skin. This is the same benefits papaya seeds for skin whitening that can help to bring some whiter skin appearance too.

4. Silky

The benefits of cabbage for skin might include to provide a better silky skin. The vitamins and minerals inside the vegetables has been known can bring a better skin surface condition and bring it as soft as silky cotton. No wonder if many woman use this vegetables inside one of their dietary menu every day. Since it can bring a better skin surface and skin health.

5. Moisturize

The vegetables contain enough water that can help to moisture the skin. The same way as many of vegetables kind that can help to provide the needs of water for the skin that can help to optimally provide natural moisturizer. This can help to avoid dryness in the skin and prevent any skin diseases. This is the same benefits of lemongrass essential oil for skin that can help to provide moisture skin along the day. 

6. Anti Aging

Consuming cabbage every day can also help to provide a clear skin that fresh and look youthful. Therefore, it will benefit to avoid the possibility of early aging signs such as wrinkle and finelines. Specially for those who enter an early age of elderly. This simple habit will lead to a big result if consume daily. Not only easy to perform, it also easy to find and a very cheap option as a good anti aging for skin treatment.

7. Avoid Cancer

The benefits of this vegetables including as a way to protect the skin from the possibility of experience skin cancer. Specially due to the anti oxidant content that can help to avoid the UV light direct effect on the skin surface. However, further research shall be perform to bring a stronger evidence about this advantage. This is the same benefits of budwig diet for cancer that can help to act as an anti cancer too.

8. Flawless

This vegetables also a good option to provide a better flawless skin. Therefore, it is a good option to consume every day for helping a healthier skin condition. 

9. Skin Recovery

Choosing this vegetables also one of the best treatment to help purify the skin cells. It will help to avoid the skin damage and help to renew any new skin cells. Furthermore, it can help to treat any skin wound for faster recovery and healing. This is the same health benefits of macadamia oil for skin that can help to treat better skin recovery too.

10. Hydrate

Consuming cabbage also a good treatment to provide better hydrate to the skin surface. Therefore, it can lead to a better healthy skin and can make the skin keep moist or away from the possibility of dryness.

Cautions and Recommendations

A cabbage not only bring benefit, but sometimes it might cause several conditions that unwanted. Therefore, before consuming the vegetable, it is better to see below recommendations:

  • The vegetables contain fiber which can lead to diarrhea when over consume every day. Therefore, it is suggested to consume in proper portions as necessary.
  • It rich with carotene that can lead to colorful nails when consume everyday. Therefore, it is better to consume several times a week for the optimum benefit.
  • Make sure to clean it properly to avoid the parasit infection which sometimes growth in unclean vegetables. Clean the vegetables with flowing water to avoid that possibility.

Those all the benefits of cabbage for skin including the cautions. Even though it can bring many advantage, several cautions shall be attend to provide optimum result and benefit from this vegetables. Combine this vegetables with any other vegetables is the best choice. It can help to supply various needed vitamins and minerals for a better and healthy skin condition.