9 Health Benefits of Mushroom during Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a gift from God that only mothers could understand how gifted they are. During pregnancy, consuming healthy foods is a mandatory to ensure the optimal development of the fetus as well as maintain the stamina of the mothers.

Which Mushrooms Are Safe to Consume during Pregnancy

Among the option of healthy foods, mushroom is the most nutritious ones. However, in recent years there are some speculations about the health benefits of mushroom during pregnancy or whether mushroom is safe to be consumed by mothers during pregnancy. There are a lot of varieties of mushroom and whether it is safe or not to be consumed during pregnancy is based on the types of mushrooms. Some mushrooms are already proven to be poisonous so whatever your current condition is you’re not supposed to eat that kind of mushrooms, while others are safe and tasty to consume. However, the way you eat, cook and store it is also important to know as well. The list of mushrooms below is highly recommended to be consumed during pregnancy due to its amazing nutrient contents.

  • Oyster Mushroom
  • Shiitake Mushroom
  • Button Mushroom
  • Portabello Mushroom
  • Enoki Mushroom

Nutritional Values of Mushrooms

The reasons why mushrooms are good for pregnancy are because this type of food is packed with beneficial and essential nutrients strongly required by both the mothers and the babies. Mushrooms are rich of antioxidants, packed with several group of vitamin B complex, vitamin D and vitamin C. Furthermore, mushroom is also excellent source of protein and iron which are essential in the growth of fetus. To learn more the list below will tell you in brief about the health benefits of mushroom during pregnancy.

  1. Packed with Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B is one of the essential vitamins which daily intake should be fulfilled during pregnancy. One of the vitamin B complex you should have during pregnancy is vitamin B9 or well known as folate. Folate has essential role in optimizing the development of the brain as well as nervous system. Vitamin B also contributes in reducing the risk of babies born with birth defect.

  1. Excellent Source of Vitamin D

There are some reasons why vitamin D is also important during pregnancy. First, vitamin D could help managing the blood sugar level so the risk of gestational diabetes could be reduced significantly. Second, just like the vitamin B, vitamin D also contributes in the optimal development of nervous system. Third, along with calcium, vitamin D is essential to the development of bones and teeth of the fetus.

  1. Contains Fiber

During pregnancy, slow digestion and constipations are conditions that common to occur. In most cases, they are considered very common and not going to be fatal but they could be very uncomfortable for the mothers. Consuming foods rich of fiber may promote better and healthier digestive system because one of the health benefits of fiber are to make sure your digestive system is working in proper way.

  1. Natural Source of Iron

The main health benefits of iron are to product red blood cells. During pregnancy you should have enough red blood cells to ensure the optimal development of the fetus and prevent the mothers suffering from anemia because anemia during pregnancy could lead to more serious problems such as premature birth and babies born with birth defect.

  1. What You Should Eat for Plant-Based Protein

Protein is also essential properties which daily intake should be fulfilled. There are two types of protein, animal protein and plant-based protein. For plant-based protein you could get it from legumes or pulses but you could get them from mushrooms as well. During pregnancy, weight gain is normal to happen but protein will prevent you from suffering excessive weight gain. Moreover, protein also contributes in the optimal development of the brain and nervous system of the fetus to prevent babies born with birth defect conditions.

  1. Contains High Vitamin C

When it comes to the vitamin B benefits the list could be endless but among the amazing list of the benefits of vitamin C is it is great for immunity system. It is highly recommended for mother to always maintain their stamina and their condition because while viruses are only giving mothers fever but they could put the fetus in danger conditions. That is why always healthy is a mandatory condition during pregnancy.

  1. High in Antioxidants Content

Mushrooms are packed with antioxidants. Sometimes you cannot control what happens around you but you could control what will happen to you. Antioxidants are like a layer of protection so your body will be fully protected from harmful chemicals that could be dangerous for your fetus.

  1. Contains Healthy Fat

Energy is essential during pregnancy. Mushrooms are not only tasty but also healthy because it contains healthy fat that could give you the energy you need during pregnancy. Only mothers who have experienced pregnancy understand about how being pregnant required a lot of energy. That is why consuming carbohydrate and fat are not only because they want to but because they have to since carbohydrate and fat are excellent source of energy.

  1. Affects the Mood

During pregnancy sometimes is very difficult to control the mood. That is why some cases like baby blue syndrome are progressively increasing these days because sometimes some mothers just don’t know how to control the pressure during pregnancy and the symptoms of depression occurs. Mushrooms contains protein which based on some studies proven to be effective in improving the mood and prevent mood swing that could lead to conditions like fatigue, anxiety and then depression.

Cautions of Eating Mushroom during Pregnancy

As mentioned above, no matter how healthy and how rich the nutrients contained in mushroom are if you eat, cook and store them wrongly and then some side effects may occur and some cautions bellows are supposed to be taken into account.

  • Some mushrooms are safe to be consumed during pregnancy but you are not allowed to eat them raw. Actually, this rule is applied to all kinds of vegetables to avoid bacterial infection that may affect the fetus’ development.
  • Most people prefer to store their foods in the fridge but during pregnancy is better to only consume healthy and fresh foods only especially when it comes to mushrooms.
  • Be careful with the choice of mushroom you find in the supermarket. You should read all the expired date to guarantee the mushrooms are safe to eat.

In summary mushroom is safe to be consumed during pregnancy as long as you know which varieties to be consumed. The fact is as mentioned above there are a lot of health benefits of mushroom during pregnancy but of course the key is to consume them in moderate amount only because though they are very nutritious for both mothers and the babies but if you consume it too much, some side effects may occur.