6 Health Benefits of Not Using Deodorant and How to Make It

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Deodorants and antiperspirants are two things that many Americans could not live without. They have different function, where deodorants hide body odor by pleasant fragrances and antiperspirants prevent the sweat. The smell is eliminated by neutralizing fatty acids, or you can read the benefits in omega 3 fatty acids health benefits, as well as killing the bacteria which can provide body odor.

Many cosmetic stores sell the things even now they are with big-brand pharmacy like Old Spice, Suave, Secret, Dove and many more. Actually, most people don’t know that almost all the big brands have been used very harmful ingredients, known as aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens, and triclosan. Triclosan even claimed by the FDA as a kind pesticide.

The ingredients are linked with several conditions that may even danger the body such as cancer, especially for breast cancer. The sweat glands will be blocked by them and they are absorbed to the skin. Then, they provide hormone estrogen which may cause breast cancer cells to grow.

In related with the fact, some people choose to not using deodorant for a long period. The option however can lead to some health benefits. For more detail, here are some health benefits of not using deodorant:

  1. Reduces the risk of cancer

Almost all of deodorants made of aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens, and triclosan, where those compounds are related to cancer, damage to the liver and heart even Alzheimer and Parkinson disease. So, not wearing deodorant may prevent the conditions.

  1. Saves money

One of the health benefits of not using deodorant is to save money. The products of deodorant costs more money, just like other skin health products. Therefore, not wearing deodorant can save your money.

  1. Protects the skin

Everybody has different type of skin and consequently, they also give different impact for the health of the body, including by wearing deodorant. In addition, some people may don’t know how the reaction of using deodorant for a long period on their skin and furthermore, it is not always bad of not wearing deodorant.

  1. Protects the beneficial bacteria

There are some bacteria that are useful for health and unfortunately, it will be removed when you are using deodorant. Just like hand sanitizer, deodorant has tricolasan that will kill all the bacteria as well as beneficial bacteria. So, not wearing deodorant can protect the beneficial bacteria.

  1. Tends to be creative

As well as the benefit of not wearing deodorant can save money, it also tends to make the person be creative. However, there are still many ways to hide the smell of body odor even to make deodorant at home with simple ingredients which also can save money.

  1.  Helps to focus on other things

Instead of focusing on how to hide body odor with choosing the best deodorant product, it is better to increase other things like intelligent and personality. But however, to hide the smell of body odor is something important since pleasant smell can support many aspects including social.

How to make home-made deodorant?

With all of the benefits, those who want to get the similar benefit of deodorant to hide body odor can make deodorant at home with simple steps. Here are simple steps to make home-made deodorant you can follow:


  • 1/4 cup of baking soda
  • 1/4 cup of arrow root powder or corn starch
  • 5 tablespoons of coconut oil

How to make:

  1. Mix the baking soda, or you can also read benefits of baking soda and arrowroot/corn starch in a bowl, or you can also read benefits arrowroot powder in deodorant and benefits of baby corn for our health.
  2. Add and mix them all with coconut oil until the mixture turned into pasty. Or you can also read coconut oil benefits.
  3. Prepare a container and put the pasty in it, then wait until the pasty becomes harder and ready to use.
  4. For a gooey pasty of deodorant, it is recommended to put it in a closed container.

Those are some health benefits of not using deodorant which are similar to the benefits of not using other health care. In addition, to control body odor you can also read health benefits of tarragon leaves and health benefits of chlorophyll.