11 Health Benefits of Thailand Spicy Foods

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Thai spicy foods are almost known for their ingredients of fresh herbs, such as turmeric, galangal, coriander, lemongrass, including fresh chilies, or you can also read thailand herbs spices. One of the most popular Thai spicy foods is Tom Yam soup, where it is under study by researchers for its health benefits, or you can also read health benefits of spicy food. However, the combination of the herbs not only gives the best taste, but also more benefits.

Hot peppers, such as jalapeños and chills contain a healthy compound called as capsaicin, or you can also read health benefits chili. The herbs are popular to boost immune system as well as fight diseases. In addition, cook the foods from scratch or use the freshest ingredients are recommended to get the optimum benefits. So, some other health benefits of Thai spicy foods are:

  1. Helps to sleep better

When the blood circulation improves, it probably can treat problems in sleep as well as helps to sleep better. Furthermore, deep sleep can lead to many benefits for the health of the body including mental and physical health.

  1. Assists in digestion

Galangal is a kind of herbs that used in the most of Thai spicy foods to assist digestion movement. Due to the benefit, it has been known as Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, while also some people thought that it is sometimes better than ginger, or you can read the benefits in benefits of ginger.

  1. Protects heart health

Thai spicy foods can reduce bad cholesterol or LDL by making a protection for the cholesterol to build up. Since then, they will protect the heart from several diseases that may happen like heart attack and stroke. Or you can also read foods that lower cholesterol level.

  1. Boosts immune system

A nutritionist named Pamela Peeke, M.D shows that people who like to eat spicy foods, as well as Thai spicy foods, tend to increase their body heat. Furthermore, it can lead to the boosting of immune system up to five percent.

  1. Prevents cancer

Capsaicin is a substance that mostly you can find in Thai spicy foods. In addition, studies prove the benefit of capsaicin to fight cancer cells which may lead to breast cancer, cervical cancer, and stomach cancer and many others.

  1. Promotes longevity

According to studies from Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Harvard School of Public Health, 500,000 people in China with age 30-79 lower risk the risk of dying prematurely about 14 percent. The reason is because they like to eat spicy foods for six or seven times a week.

  1. Helps to lose weight

Researchers found that the benefit of eating Thai spicy foods is to lose weight. It is related with how the foods can lower appetite and reduce the calories in the body. Consequently, Thai spicy foods are suitable for those who are with overweight.

  1. Increases the circulation of blood

Some people have been believed the benefit of Thai spicy foods to increase the circulation of blood. However, well circulation of blood helps to make the body healthier. It is because the essential nutrients in the food absorbed better in the body and it related with the increasing of the organs function.

  1. Relieves pain

Another benefit of capsaicin is to relieve the pain even for chronic pain. Some doctors also recommend capsaicin consume to treat arthritis, shingles and headaches. Furthermore, they also use the cream made from capsaicin to treat some conditions.

  1. Reduces the risk of diabetes

Some Thai spicy foods are less in glucose or insulin which makes them safe to be consumed for people with diabetes. Moreover, studies also proved that chilies in Thai spicy foods have the ability to control glucose level in the body.

  1. Dilates blood vessels

Studies show that capsaicin can dilate blood vessels. Furthermore, it lowers the blood pressure as well as can lead to other benefits such as protects heart. When it combined with the increasing of blood circulation they even support for overall health.

With those health benefits of Thai spicy foods, you should notice that the foods are great in moderation. Taking too much spicy foods probably can trigger some conditions that may harm the body.