Health Benefits of Philippine Yema Cake – Tasty and Healthy

Do you like custard? Do you like your cake milky? Well, if you happen to like both, then yema cake could be the right choice for you! Yema cake is a Philippine style custard chiffon cake, in which “yema” itself is a combination of milk and egg yolks, similar to custards, garnished with grated cheese. […]

Benefits of Growing Out Armpit Hair for Aesthetic and Health

The idea of growing armpit hair or underarm banana leaf benefits for hair seems to be a bit polarizing for different genders. Men let it grow as a symbol of masculinity and to absorb more sweat, because naturally men sweat way more than women, while most women won’t let even one hair appear on their […]

Health Benefits of African Yam Beans – The Forgotten Beans

The African Yam Bean (Sphenostylis stenocarpa) is a leguminous crop found in the Volta Region, Ghana, Africa. In comparison to ordinary yam and cassava, African yam beans are minor crops, which also means that they are low in exploitation. But then, African yam beans contribute considerably in providing a source of protein for the surrounding […]

Health Benefits of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda – A Multipurpose Home Product

Arm and Hammer is a brand of baking soda that has been around for the past 170 years. They are in fact, America’s number 1 brand and most trusted brand of baking soda. Actually, Arm and Hammer is more than baking soda itself; they also offer other home cleaning products such as detergents, pet litter, […]

Prunus Africana Medicinal Uses – Potential Uses and Treatment

Prunus Africana or pygeum is an evergreen tree native to the green yet forested regions of Africa. Both the tree and the fruit see beneficial uses in African society; the wood is used for building wagons, while powdered pygeum barks are used for medical purposes. What are some of Prunus Africana’s medical uses? What are […]

7 Health Benefits of Afrocarpus Falcatus – Herbal Medicine

Afrocarpus falcatus, which belongs to the family of Podocarpaceae is a tree species found in the southern parts of Africa, ranging from Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland and South Africa. Despite being common in where it originates, however they somehow have a protected status right there. Otherwise, it is used as an ornamental tree. The wood of […]

Health Benefits of Real Yellow Wood – A Hidden Gem of Goodness

The term “yellow wood” may sound like it is a wood that is coloured yellow, where in fact it is not quite exactly. Yellow wood is a hard-wood tree native to the east coast of the United States. The reason to why it is named that way is because of the bright to muted yellow […]

Marula Oil Benefits for Hair Health – Natural Treatment

Marula oil is a rather newcomer in the beauty oil industry. They have a light texture but heavy moisture, and are noncomedogenic. As a result, it becomes a suitable product for skin, banana leaf benefits for hair or nail treatment. Marula oil comes in the form of being a base ingredient in cosmetic and beauty […]

Benefits of Buchu Oil for Skin Health – Natural Treatment

The health benefits of buchu oil has long been recognized in South Africa since the ancient era. In fact, of all 700 different types of South African herbs, buchu seems to be the one with a special role in their society. It is only in the late 1990s that buchu essential oils began to reach […]

Health Benefits of Qian Ri Hong Tea – Chinese Herbal Tea Everyday

Chinese teas have long been renowned globally for being high quality and the health benefits that they offer. As such, many regard them as an alternative to conventional medicines. There are lots of Chinese tea types, from oolong, pu erh, up to qian ri hong. For the latter one, it is made out of globe […]