Health Benefits of Real Yellow Wood – A Hidden Gem of Goodness

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The term “yellow wood” may sound like it is a wood that is coloured yellow, where in fact it is not quite exactly. Yellow wood is a hard-wood tree native to the east coast of the United States. The reason to why it is named that way is because of the bright to muted yellow colour of the tree’s heartwood. If exposed to air and light, the wood changes colour again to medium brown. Being used predominantly in furniture making, yellow wood also turn out to have its own health benefits! What are the health benefits of real yellow wood?

What are its Health Benefits?

  1. Yellow Wood Sorrel is Rich in Vitamin C Benefits

First, yellow wood sorrel has wealthy vitamin C 1000-mg benefits content, which is why they are regularly consumed by children. Vitamin C is the key to our body’s immunity.

  1. Yellow Wood Sorrel for Healing Ulcers

Ulcers may not be so dangerous for our health, but still they are very irritating, especially oral ulcer. Oral ulcers are often caused by lack of hydration, vitamin C, contact with extremely hot food items, and more. For ulcer treatment, apply the juice of yellow wood sorrel into the affected area.

  1. Yellow Wood Sorrel Treats Scurvy

Scurvy is a condition due to lack of benefits of vitamin C for hair, characterized by gradual complication that consists of weakening immunity, bruising, bleeding gum, weakness and fatigue. Since yellow wood sorrel is rich in vitamin C, why not make use of it to prevent scurvy?

  1. Yellow Wood Sorrel Provides Hydration

Our body may not need food all the time, but it requires constant hydration. Yellow wood sorrel contains electrolytes to help us achieve our daily water intake, similar to that of sports drinks.

  1. Yellow Wood Sorrel Prevents Bad Breath

Bad breath is never good for us because it lowers our self esteem and the people around us because it affects how we are perceived. To use yellow wood sorrel as a mouth refreshener, gargle sorrel-infused water.

  1. Yellow Wood Sorrel is Diuretic

Apart from being a source of electrolytes, yellow wood sorrel is also diuretic. Diuretic means that it promotes the drainage of excess body fluids through urination.

  1. Yellow Wood Sorrel Supplies Health Benefits of Sodium

Finally, folk remedy has it that perspiration leds to the loss of the body’s effects of high sodium level content, while chewing yellow wood sorrel may counter the lost sodium.

Advices on Yellow Wood Sorrel

Overconsumption of yellow wood sorrel over an extended period of time may inhibit the body’s ability to absorb calcium, which of course is very unhealthy for our teeth and bones. Lack of calcium may also lead to low bone density, and osteoporosis during the later stages of life.

In conclusion, it turns out that most of the health benefits of real yellow wood is sourced from the sorrel. While then, the sorrel itself is a hidden gem because surprisingly it contains hydrating and vitamin C properties.