Benefits of Growing Out Armpit Hair for Aesthetic and Health

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The idea of growing armpit hair or underarm banana leaf benefits for hair seems to be a bit polarizing for different genders. Men let it grow as a symbol of masculinity and to absorb more sweat, because naturally men sweat way more than women, while most women won’t let even one hair appear on their underarm. However, there are indeed movements for women to let the hair grow under their arms. What are the benefits of growing out armpit hair?

  1. Growing Out Underarm Hair Makes Us Warmer

First, growing out underarm benefits of garlic shampoo for hair makes us warmer because it absorbs heat. It is similar to the reason why people from colder regions have thicker body hair; to stay warm during the colder months of the year. Human hair is like mammal hair by acting as insulation. The human body constantly produces heat, however they are not enough to make us warm. Additional insulation allows more heat to be kept inside the body.

  1. Growing Out Underarm Hair Absorbs Sweat

Second, contrary to popular belief, growing out armpit hair actually absorbs sweat and make us smell fresher. This can make odour caused by bacteria build up to be minimized, causing one to not stink badly. However, this also does not mean that one is now totally free from benefits of not using deodorants; deodorants are still a must especially for those who are in hot and humid places. Underarm hair in this instance can act as a boomerang.

  1. Growing Out Underarm Hair for Attracting the Opposite Sex

Since prehistoric times all the way up to the classical age, one reason why underarm hair is grown out is for attracting the opposite sex. Underarm hair keeps the pheromones and when it is exposed, it can make the opposite gender to be aroused. Interestingly, this idea today is no longer relevant; in fact, using underarm hair today to attract one’s partner is considered to be stereotypical homosexual!

  1. Growing Out Underarm Hair Prevents Skin Tags

Next, growing out underarm hair also prevent skin tags. Skin tags or acrochordon are small and soft skin bumps that pop out of the surface of the skin. Apart from the underarms, skin bumps are also common on the neck, upper chest, and eyelids. They can also get irritated when rubbed against clothing. Although skin tags are harmless, still they are aesthetically unpleasing.

  1. Growing Out Underarm Hair is Hassle Free

Growing out underarm hair is hassle free because it essentially eliminates the effort and money spent on shaving. Imagine, one does not need to spend money on shaving cream and razor, benefits shaving hair regularly, or fear that it may grow quicker and thicker.

  1. Growing Out Underarm Hair Prevents Razor Cuts and Burns

And finally, just like benefits not shaving pubic hair, growing out underarm hair prevents razor cuts, burns, and also its associated side effects like irritation. Although all of them are harmless, but then enduring it is really uncomfortable and hurting.

Those are the benefits of growing out armpit hair. From the points above, we can conclude that mostly people leave underarm hair for convenience.