Health Benefits of Qian Ri Hong Tea – Chinese Herbal Tea Everyday

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Chinese teas have long been renowned globally for being high quality and the health benefits that they offer. As such, many regard them as an alternative to conventional medicines. There are lots of Chinese tea types, from oolong, pu erh, up to qian ri hong.

For the latter one, it is made out of globe amaranth herb, which provides the tea colour the same hue of pink as the globe amaranth fruit. The colour makes it stand out from other Chinese teas that are typically health benefits of green tea for joint pain. Qian ri hong contains essential vitamins and minerals deemed very useful for cough relief, shortness of breath, and also vision improvement. What are the health benefits of qian ri hong tea, or “thousand days red tea?”

What are its Health Benefits?

  1. Qian Ri Hong Tea is an Antitussive

First, qian ri hong tea is an antitussive, which means that they suppress benefits oregano leaves cough plus reduce phlegm quickly and efficiently.

  1. Qian Ri Hong Tea Helps to Eliminate Toxins

Qian ri hong tea, just like any tea in general help to eliminate toxins because of their diuretic nature. Teas release toxins through increased frequency of urination.

  1. Qian Ri Hong Tea for Weight Loss

Here is one renowned health benefits of qian ri hong tea; weight loss. Chinese tea helps burn fat and absorbs oil rapidly after consumption.

  1. Qian Ri Hong Tea Prevents Heart Disease

Chinese herbal teas are so rich in polyphenols that are the reason for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which prevent heart and liver diseases at best.

  1. Qian Ri Hong Tea Increases Endurance

Chinese tea, along with qian ri hong tea is renowned for being able to increase endurance by increasing muscle strength. In addition, it fills one’s stomach for a longer period of time and allows weight loss during exercise sessions or any other tiring activities.

  1. Qian Ri Hong Tea Manages Blood Sugar Levels

Compounds in plant based products, which also includes tea help to metabolize insulin so that blood sugar levels are better managed, such as in the case of is tea good diabetes patient.

  1. Qian Ri Hong Tea Strengthens Gums and Teeth

Qian ri hong tea contains fluoride that strengthens teeth and gums and prevent the formation of plague. In this case, green tea variations of Chinese tea are found to be the least in creating yellow teeth stains.

  1. Qian Ri Hong Tea Improves Digestion

Chinese qian ri hong tea improves digestion in terms of stimulating stomach acid.

  1. Qian Ri Hong Tea is Low in Caffeine

Chinese teas in general contain the least amount of caffeine side effects compared to the other types of teas like benefits of drinking black tea on empty stomach. It has a caffeine content at a range of 8 mg to 36 mg. But then, the caffeine content of Chinese tea varies according to the temperature of water they are steeped in, the amount of tea leaves used and the duration of the steeping process.

Side Effects of Qian Ri Hong Tea

Surprisingly, with all the health benefits of qian ri hong tea has to offer, the side effects are still here to stay. In fact, majority of the side effects of qian ri hong tea is closely similar to that of Chinese teas in general. They are caffeine, folic acid malabsorption that may jeopardize fetus growth, and also certain drug interactions.

As for the drug interactions, antibiotics and aspirin should not be consumed together with qian ri hong tea since they may interfere the breakdown of caffeine inside the body and also prevent blood clotting respectively.

Those are the wonderful health benefits of qian ri hong tea. It looks like the thousand days red tea is such a good alternative for those who still enjoys Chinese tea but are pretty fed up with the green tea-based ones. Would you like to have a try?