Health Benefits of Malt and Tin Tomatoes

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Health benefits of malt and tin tomatoes areone supplement that works quickly for people who lose a lot of blood. It canalso be given to people who have just donated blood. This practice is widelyused by people in Kwara, Nigeria.

Many students in Kwara Nigeria donate bloodeach week. Even though the time for donating blood is usually around 2 months.Then how can they do it? This is what they do, which is by mixing tomatoes andcoke. Read also: tomatohealth benefits

Many people have already practiced thispractice. But until now there has been no definitive research on how it works,side effects, and also the dose. In other words, they study it by word of mouthwithout any underlying scientific evidence. Of course, this is very dangerousfor them because it has not been tested with certainty by experts.

The dose of its use is also uncertain. Theyjust guess depending on how much they lose blood. How to make it quite easyjust by mixing coke with a little tomato paste. Then keep it in the fridge andready for consumption. Read more: healthbenefits of tomato seeds

However, so far there have been no reports ofside effects they have experienced. No long-term effects have yet beenreported. So that this practice will continue to run in the Kwara community,Nigeria.

According to the professor of hematology andblood transfusion at the University of Lagos medical school, Akanmu Sulaimandenied that the mixture was not a blood tonic because it was considered absurd.while Dr. Honey Anazoezo from the department of hematology and immunology atthe University of Nigeria has never heard of any liquid that can add blood veryquickly. Read this: healthbenefits of tomato and avocado

WHO recommends those who do blood donors todrink lots of fluids as a substitute for lost body fluids. And if you feeldizzy, immediately sit or lie with your feet higher.

The United Nations does not recommend consumingcoca-cola or a mixture of coca-cola with tomato paste. Because both have highsugar levels. Of course, this is contrary to WHO guidelines on the recommendedsugar intake. Related article: healthbenefits soda

With this information, it is hoped that thecommunity will not arbitrarily mix products with claims that can have healtheffects, even though the truth is uncertain as to the health benefits of maltand tin tomatoes. Because, if the body responds poorly, it can have a laboreffect on health. Read also: healthbenefits of fanta

Besides, always consult with experts is alsohighly recommended. Besides continuing to consume nutritious foods such asvegetables and fruit and exercise regularly.