Amazing Mizuna Health Benefits

Have you ever heard of mizuna vegetable health benefits? If you are a fan of Japanese cuisine, surely you know it. Yes, these green vegetables are commonly found in Japanese cuisine. But nowadays not only Japanese cuisine is made from mizuna.

Mizuna has a spicy taste and is almost similar to young mustard greens. Mizuna can be consumed raw or also cooked. And can be used as a variety of delicious dishes. Behind its delicious taste, Mizuna saves a myriad of benefits for your health. because mizuna contains vitamins A, C, K, and antioxidants that will make your body healthy.

Other nutrients contained are:



Health benefits of vitamin E


Vitamin B6


Here are the benefits of mizuna for your health:

  • High in antioxidants

Studies prove that mizuna contains the antioxidant kaempferol. Antioxidants work by neutralizing free radicals in the body. so that it can prevent cell damage and reduce the risk of various dangerous diseases. Besides, the antioxidant kaempferol has been shown to inhibit the spread of cancer cells. Make your body cells healthier, and reduce the occurrence of inflammation. More antioxidant: health benefits of corn

  • Speed ​​up blood clotting

Vitamin K contained in mizuna can help speed up the blood clotting. Of course, this is useful to prevent bleeding. Because, if you lack vitamin K, your skin will easily bruise if something is formed. And even worse, the risk of bleeding when the skin is injured is higher

  • Strengthen bones

Another benefit that you can get from vitamin K found in mizuna vegetable health benefits is to strengthen your bones. Vitamin K has an important role in the formation of strong bones. Not only that, but vitamin K also affects bone metabolism and reduces the risk of fractures. Try this at home: benefits of exercise for bone health

  • Improve the immune system

Mizuna contains 65% of vitamin C daily which will have a direct impact on your immune system. not only vitamin C benefits but antioxidants also have the same role in improving your immune system. that way, you will not be easily infected

  • Reducing the risk of cancer

A study has proven that consuming mizuna can reduce the risk of cancer. For example, prostate cancer. However, it must be realized that many factors affect the reduced risk of cancer. Not only by consuming mizuna. However, many other things also influence such as exercise and consuming nutritious food

  • Improve eye health

Another benefit that you can get by consuming mizuna vegetable health benefits is that it can improve eye health. Mizuna contains 118% of the daily vitamin A requirement. Vitamin A deficiency affects blurred vision, dry eyes, night blindness, resulting in blindness. Eat this for your eyes: benefits of avocado for eyes

Those are some of the health benefits that you can get by consuming mizuna. Inadequate your vegetable needs by consuming a variety of vegetables around you.