Top 10 Health Benefits of Jaboticaba – Rare Fruit from Brazil

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Fruits are type of fruits that are packed with nutrients and super healthy, especially consumed regularly. There are thousands or perhaps millions varieties of fruits and some of them are common while others are rare. What do you know about the health benefits of jaboticaba? Well, how could you know its health benefits when it is the first time you heard about the fruit.

What is Jaboticaba?

Jaboticaba is among the rarest fruit in the world, originated from Brazil and unlike the other fruits which grown in the branches, this fruit is bear in the trunk of the trees, that’s why this fruit is also well known as Brazilian grapetree. For those who saw the jaboticaba for the first time must find it unpleasant but don’t mistaken with the wrong first impression because this fruit is very sweet with appearance similar to grapes. This fruit come from genus Plinia and among the family Myrtaceae which has scientific name Plinia cauliflora. Just like grapes, this fruit could be eaten raw but also commonly made into juices, jellies and even wine.

Nutritional Value of Jaboticaba

Since it is very juice, jaboticaba is packed with vitamin C benefits and some traces of vitamin B complex such as thiamine, riboflavin and niacin. Furthermore, jaboticaba is also rich of minerals and amino acids like tryptophan and lysine. The list below may tell you more about the health benefits of jaboticaba.

  1. Home Remedy to Sore Throat

The locals have been using jaboticaba as part of home remedy to treat sore throat since ancient time. The juice of jaboticaba fruit is a bit sour, just like any types of berries. Mix the juice of jaboticaba with warm water to help soothing the sore throat. Furthermore, the vitamin C found in jaboticaba will help fighting infection in much effective way.

  1. Jaboticaba is Excellent Source of Antioxidants

Surely you have known that all fruits from berries family are packed with super potent antioxidants and jaboticaba is no exception. This fruit is packed with antioxidant that will help your body fighting free radicals and at the same time promoting the cells regeneration to prevent premature aging.

  1. Jaboticaba Packed with Vitamin C

As mentioned above, one of the reasons why this fruit is beneficial for human health is due to its vitamin C content. Vitamin C could help optimizing the mineral absorption; especially iron while at the same time will act as immunity booster as well to help those who are currently in recovery state after serious illness to accelerate the healing process.

  1. Excellent Solution to Asthma

It is true that asthma is among diseases that could be cured completely but it is possible to deal with the symptoms of asthma. Jaboticaba contains some active compounds that could help opening up the bronchial airways which is very beneficial for asthma patients. Though this has been proven traditionally but still further studies are strongly required to support the claims.

  1. Healthy Snacks during Weight Loss Program

Since this fruit is very rare, only those who live in Brazil could enjoy this fruits as healthy snack during weight loss program that’s why you would not find it among the list of healthy fruits for weight loss. It is because this fruits are low in calories and carbohydrate but packed with vitamins, minerals and protein. Those combinations are excellent for weight loss.

  1. Possible Solution to Fight Cancer

As mentioned above, this fruit is required some studies to proven some claims but some studies have been conducted regarding the possibility of jaboticaba to fight cancer. As one of the fruits that contain strong antioxidants, surely the possibility of this fruit to fight cancer is big.

  1. Natural Body Detox

One of the health benefits of jaboticaba is this fruit is packed with minerals. Well, just like any other fruits from berries family that are rich of minerals, all of them are great body detox. Your body required to be detoxified regularly and consuming jaboticaba will do the great job in detoxifying your body naturally.

  1. Jaboticaba Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Do you aware of the facts that some serious diseases have roots to inflammations? Conditions like diabetes and heart diseases could be prevented by consuming foods which contain anti-inflammatory properties and jaboticaba is among fruits that are highly recommended for its anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Natural Treatment to Diarrhea

You will find the cautions section that the skin of jaboticaba may cause constipation if you consume it too much. It is because it contains specific compounds that could help slowing down the bowel movement. That’s why for medication purpose eating the jaboticaba along with its skin is how to prevent diarrhea in natural way.

  1. Accelerating Healing Process

There are some reasons why this fruit is highly recommended to consume during recovery or healing process. First, this fruit is packed with vitamin C which could act as immunity booster; second this fruit is super juice that could keep your body hydrated to optimize the body metabolism during recovery.

Cautions of Jaboticaba

Though this fruits have been claimed to have quite long list of health benefits but still scientifically those benefits are not fully proven yet. That’s why some considerations below should be taken into account, especially for you who are about to consume this fruit for the first time.

  • You should aware of the possibility of allergic reaction. If you are currently allergic to fruits from Myrtaceae family especially from berries varieties, is wiser for you to avoid this fruit as well, no matter how exotic and mouth-watering jaboticaba is.
  • The skin of jaboticaba may cause you constipation, especially when you eat them in more than just moderate amount.
  • Jaboticaba may be packed with nutrients which bring a lot of benefits to human health but still, don’t depend on this fruit as part of medication because as mentioned above, there is no strong evidence to support those claims scientifically.

There a lot of varieties of rare fruits in the world and benefits that you cannot just stumble to the fruits market nearby. For you who love travelling, perhaps adding some rare fruits to taste during your adventure could add flavors your journey even more. So, if you are currently in Brazil, don’t forget to add jaboticaba to your itinerary to enjoy all the health benefits of jaboticaba during your journey.