Benefits of Tofu for Breasts Health – Based on A Proven Study

Tofu is widely-known as a food made by soybean with its well-recognized block form. As a matter of fact, tofu was originated in China from around 2000 years ago. It was also a favorite meal of military dictators in Japan during the 12th century AD. You might recognize that up until now, tofu is still a […]

8 Health Benefits of Tofu Dregs (Okara) That You Never Know

Tofu dregs is one of the well-known dish in some region of Indonesia such as Central Java and some other region. However for urban region it is normal to not know the dish that comes from this tofu which is tofu dregs. Tofu dregs is a waste substance obtained during the tofu production process. The […]

22 Benefits of Tofu : Health – Beauty – Pregnancy (#1 Insane)

As a result of processing soybeans, Tofu contains vegetable protein because it has a complete amino acid composition (up to 8 amino acids) and believed to have a high digestibility (by 85% -98%). When compared with other food sources, nutritional content in Tofu is still less than the egg, meat, and fish. However, with prices […]