30 Causes of Pins and Needles : Preventing & Treatment

Have you ever felt the pins and needles sensation? We bet that every one of you has already experienced it in your lifetime. Generally, pins and needles is a common condition and often nothing to be concerned about since its just a sign from your nerves that telling you that your specific part of the […]

78 Early Heart Attack Symptoms : Preventing & What To Do

ost people think that heart attack is always indicated with the feeling of pain in the chest. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen, even for some people, pain doesn’t even exist. Heart attack is a condition when the blood to the heart is blocked so it doesn’t get enough. The blood clot can be caused by […]

11 Black Spot On Tongue Causes (No.1 & 4 Most Frequent Cause)

Tongue is one of the vital organs to help us to talk and taste the food. The state of the tongue can be a good indicator of a person in good health or not. Normally, healthy tongue color is pink. Under certain conditions, the tongue may experience various problems. The emergence of black spots on the […]