Health Benefits of Aguachiles – Mexican Dish Recipe

Mexican cuisine is popular and very well-liked by various people across the world. The rich flavour in every dish with simple preparation is also one key to the success of Mexican cuisine. Many are also familiar with the names of several of its iconic dishes, ranging from burritos, tortillas, tacos, nachos, quesadillas, fajitas, and so […]

10 Super Health Benefits of Acetes

Acetes is one of the famous shrimp in Indonesia commonly known as rebon. However, these shrimp are not directly eaten because of their very small size compared to shrimp in general. Usually, the community process it into other forms such as shrimp paste, crackers, or shredded. This shrimp only has a size of 2-3 mm […]

28 Health Benefits of Shrimps (No.3 Super Fast)

Shrimps are the must main menu for seafood lovers because they are delicious and nutritious. Moreover, the taste becomes super delicious if they are combined with herbs and specific spices. 28 Health Benefits of Shrimps:  1. Low Calorie. A medium shrimp has at least 7 calorie. If we eat a dozen of them, we will have […]