Benefits of Gugo Shampoo for Natural Hair Treatment

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Gugo or Gogo (Entada phaseoloides) is a climbing vine living wild in warm climate forests. Its bark, seeds, and vines have any kind of uses in folk medicine. This plant is a large woody vine (liana) that climbs high in forest canopy with thick stems. Those stems are usually twisted like a corkscrew reaching to as much as 18 centimeters wide. Gugo or Gogo’s bark is pinkish to brown with bi-pinnately compound leaves.

Ancient women in the Philippines are using gugo bark for their daily hair care. Native Filipinos for ages plant Gugo barks traditionally and soak the barks in cold water before processing. They will squeeze the bark to get the extracted juice and use it as shampoo. We might have heard about the Proven Health Benefits of Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth, but you need to check these Benefits of Gugo Shampoo.

1. Promotes hair growth

The first benefit you can get from gugo shampoo is that it can help promote hair growth. Hair growth has always been one of the Benefits of Hibiscus Leaves for Hair Treatments, but gugo owns it too. You don’t need any expensive products you see on tv to get longer hair fast.

Gugo shampoo is effective to speed up hair growth since its main ingredient, gugo’s bark, can help promote blood circulation which impacts on hair growth. You can find many products of gugo shampoo, but make sure you choose the natural one since it has no added chemicals that can only bring harm to your hair and scalp.

Instead of buying the gugo shampoo products, you can also make it yourself. It’s way cheaper and healthier. You will find out how to make gugo shampoo later in this article.

2. Stops hair fall

Hair fall is one problem we all have. The reason behind the hair fall is a vitamin deficiency. This condition may not be the most dangerous but it can lower our self-esteem. Many products out there claim to stop hair fall fast but none of them seem to make our wish come true.

Why spend too much for those products that only waste our time? Gugo shampoo is the solution you’ve been looking for. With a regular use, hair fall gradually decreases and there comes the new healthy hair that begins to grow.

3. Gets your hair thicker and fuller

Thin hair won’t look good if you wish to lay your hair down. It will only make you feel ashamed and tie your hair instead. Well, actually you don’t have to worry anymore.

Get your hair thicker and fuller with gugo shampoo. Your hair will have an obvious volume and you won’t have to feel embarrassed when you want to lay your hair down. Your beautiful hair also becomes less prone to breakage and split ends. Now, you’re ready to flip your hair.

4. Helps get rid of dandruff

Hair is long and thick, but when wearing black, there are white dots on your shoulder. Oh no! You got dandruff. Suddenly it feels like the ceiling falls on you only. Well, it ain’t that bad if you’ve heard of gugo shampoo earlier.

Other than the Benefits of Curry Leaves for Dandruff, you can also get it from gugo shampoo. Gugo contains saponin, which is the active ingredient in hair growth and hair care products. Saponin is a natural surfactant. It is helpful to treat eczema and for a dandruff prevention. 

5. Reduces itchy scalp

Itchy scalp must make you feel uncomfortable and it also destroys your confidence in public. Don’t let that happen and ruin your day. We’ve known that the Health Benefits of Tea Tree Oil For Hair and Scalp can help reduce itchy scalp.

The fact is you can also use gugo shampoo for it. Prepare to get your mind blown by what gugo shampoo can do. Itchy scalp’s common cause is high dryness of the scalp, but it can also a symptom of bacterial infections like ringworm. Start to use gugo shampoo regularly and feel the difference.

6. Gets soft and smooth hair

Been so popular as a shampoo, gugo shampoo can also perform as a conditioner that can get your hair soft and smooth.

As a conditioner, gugo shampoo contains acid that makes the cuticle flakes of the hair fall tightly against each other, making hair feels smooth again. This smoothness lasts even after you rinse the conditioner out of your hair. So, is there still any doubt to replace your regular shampoo with gugo shampoo?

7. Gets shining hair

People say that shining hair is the sign of a healthy hair. So, don’t let them think your hair isn’t. You can get your hair shining with gugo shampoo.

Since gugo shampoo acts as a hair tonic, it contains oils that helps hold the hair in the place, making it easier to manage and give a natural gloss. Healthy and shining hair isn’t just a dream anymore. Moreover, you don’t need to spend much to get it real.

8. Performs anti-inflammatory

Since gugo bark is a herbal medicine, it has anti-inflammation properties. The use of gugo bark for medicine has long been known to treat various glandular inflammation such as rheumatism, arthritis, sprains, joint and muscle pains, stomach pains and others. When it comes to its use as shampoo, it would be useful for keeping a healthy hair and scalp. It will prevent any hair and scalp condition that may cause worse problems. 

How To Make Your Own Gugo Shampoo

Once you get your natural gugo bark, soak the bark sheet in a bowl with distilled water and leave it overnight. The water should cover the bark entirely.

  • Cut about 4 eight-inch branches Rosemary bush. The Health Benefits of Rosemary for Skin will improve the quality of the shampoo we make.
  • Boil them in approximately 16 oz of distilled water for around ten minutes and you will get tea-like liquid.
  • Prepare a big jar and pour in the Gugo decoction.
  • Place a strainer on top of the jar lid and then pour in the cooled Rosemary liquid.
  • Next, squeeze a lemon and add the juice to the mixture.
  • Add three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to the mixture.
  • To use it, you can pour some to a spray bottle and add strips of the Gugo bark.
  • Store it in the refrigerator when you won’t use it.
  • You can use it as a shampoo, a hair conditioner and also a hair tonic.

Those are Benefits of Gugo Shampoo that can put your hair problems to an end. Natural products are the best since they contain no harmful chemical. It works well, safely for your hair and for the environment too.