Benefits of Purple Shampoo for Hair Health #Beauty Tricks

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Got your blonde hair ready for summer? Wait, what? Is your hair becoming brassy? Well, it isn’t a good thing to hear. There are some reasons your hair gets brassy as explained below.

1. Natural hair pigment

When hair is getting a lightening treatment, an underlining pigment of pale yellow exposes in the hair. That condition is often associated with a gloss or in-salon treatment.

If you’re paying attention at between your long time of visiting you may find that your hair begins to turn a yellow tone. This tends to happen because you’re too late for a color treatment that has reached an overdue. What you can do to overcome this is using a shampoo for color treated hair and purple shampoo for your regular cleansing routine.

2. The environmental effect

The environment can be the reason for damaged hair color. The contribution of pollution, smoke, chlorine from swimming can lead to yellow tones in the hair.

To prevent sun damage and protect your hair from environmental pollution you need to wear a hat. When you are going swimming, use a swim cap. Keep in mind that even your shower H2o can deposit a high level of iron. Consider installing a water-filtering shower head to avoid the chemicals from your water.

3. The use of styling products and tools

Regular use of shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, waxes, aerosols, etc. can deposit the shade of yellowish on the hair. It isn’t that this only happens to light hair, but it’s just harder to detect in darker hair. Applying too much heat from a hot tool like hair straightener can lead to a yellowish tone.

Always use a heat protectant spray or primer when styling and choose good hot tools that will less likely bring any damage to your hair. To neutralize this type of yellow pigment, use a clarifying shampoo to remove the yellow tone first and then continue with purple shampoo.

4. Lifestyle

Health and diet can also have impacts on your hair color. Oils from the scalp, medication, diet and health conditions can lead to yellow deposits in blonde or white hair. You need to raise your awareness of your health and diet to prevent such impact on your hair. Consider to reach out to a doctor if you wish to find the proper and balanced diet and treatment.

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More Benefits of Purple Shampoo for Hair Health

If you find yourself pampered by those conditions, you are at high risk to get brassy hair. But, don’t panic just yet. If you haven’t heard of purple shampoo, then you should. The purple shampoo will be your best friend for now and forever cause it’s exactly what you need.

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What is purple shampoo anyway? Purple shampoo is a deep purple shampoo that provides purple pigment. The pigment cancels the brassy, yellow tones of the hair. Now, what will you get when you start using the purple shampoo for your regular cleansing routine? Check these benefits of purple shampoo for hair health. 

1. Neutralizes hair color

One main purpose of the purple shampoo is to neutralize hair color. How does that work actually? It’s technically simple. On the color wheel, purple is the exact opposite of yellow.

So, when they meet, the gold or brassy tone will cool down. In the other words, purple and yellow cancels one another out. When using purple pigment on yellow tones, the color corrects the hair’s hue which restores it to former bright.

2. Maintains the ashy white blonde

The purple shampoo isn’t just correcting the brassy tone into the cooler hair, but also maintaining it to ashy white blonde. The regular purple shampoo will tell you to apply it to wet hair, but here’s a hack from a beauty blogger that you can follow. Instead of applying it to wet hair, you can do it to dry hair. Leave it for about 15 minutes and then wash it out. You will get a beautiful ashy beige in one session with this hack.

3. Acts as toner

Having a dull hair isn’t attractive. To give back the luster on your hair, you need a hair toner. You can tone your hair at the salon regularly, but it’s just kinda expensive and time-consuming. Why not try a purple shampoo toner? It doesn’t only remove the brassy tone on your hair but also give more luster to your hair’s natural sheen.

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To get the benefits of the purple shampoo, follow the following method to apply purple shampoo.

  • Before applying the purple shampoo, you need to rinse your hair in hot water. This will cause the hair shaft to expand and allow the purple pigment to deposit better. Hence, the brassy, yellow tones will get canceled by the purple pigment.
  • Use the purple shampoo as you would with your regular shampoo/conditioner. Apply it thoroughly to your hair roots.
  • Give your head a little massage into the roots first. Then, allow the shampoo through to the ends of the hair.
  • Last, rinse your hair thoroughly with cold water. This will cause the hair shaft to close and seals in the color. It will leave the hair smooth and protected.
  • If by accident you use too much purple shampoo, you don’t have to worry cause you can just use a non-purple shampoo.

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As you have seen the benefits of purple shampoo for hair health above, it’s clear that purple shampoo is a color-correcting miracle that you must have in your bathroom. Take a note that you can use the purple shampoo once a week to help keep brassiness from developing. This is especially for you who start using the purple shampoo a couple of weeks after initially coloring your hair blonde.

Once your color treated blonde hair becomes brassy, you may need to use the purple shampoo every other day until the brassiness is neutralized. The frequency of the use depends on the level of the brassiness. Since there are many purple shampoo products in the store, you may need to try some before you find the right one for your hair. Be sure to choose one that is safe for your hair.

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