Check Out The Health Benefits of Cold Brew Tea

For tea lovers, brewing tea with warm water is a common thing to get Health Benefits of Tea. But what about trying cold brew tea? Below is a review of what are the health benefits of cold brew tea. What is a cold brew tea? Cold brew tea is a term where you make tea […]

11 Impressive Health Benefits of Russian Vodka

Vodka is a beverage made of ethanol and water. Its name ‘vodka’ comes from ‘voda’ that literally means ‘water’ from Slavic word. Furthermore, some people believed that the first vodka produced in Russia around the 9th century. The Russian has been served that beverage in restaurant, parties and small gatherings. Then, it happens in many […]

12 Health Benefits of Jamaica Water You Never Known Before

Jamaica water or Agua De Jamaica is also known as hibiscus water. Hibiscus? Isn’t it a name of a flower?  Yes, it is a flower and we can actually drink it. Jamaica water is made of hibiscus flower tea. From the name, Agua De Jamaica, we know that this beverage is popular in Latin America. […]

23 Health Benefits of Water and Apple Cider Vinegar

Most of you may think that apple cider vinegar only go with salad. Well, it makes a good salad dressing. However, it actually has the other benefits as it is combining with water. Well, you can make a solution of it, and it can do many things for your health. Of course you can drink […]