7 Top Health Benefits of Neem Leaves

Neem leaves are obtained from neem tree or popular as Indian Lilac. These trees can be found throughout India. They are extensively used for making Ayurvedic medicines. Their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties are the main reasons why they are made into medicines. There are more than 130 various biological compounds which make them great […]

Benefits of Neem Leaves for Vitiligo – Skin Treatment For You!

Neem leaves have been used for medications due to its excellent health benefits. In fact, the leaves have been used in the Indian Ayurvedic and Unani systems of medicine. Moreover, neem leaves can be beneficial to treat eye disorders and insect poisons. In this article, we will talk about neem leaves for vitiligo. This leave […]

10 Unknown Benefits of Neem Leaves For Eyes And Healthy Vision

The benefits of neem leaves for eyes as one of the herbal solution is now start to famous. As people with several vision problems looking for a new breakthrough, and one of the best solution by having herbal medication. Not only good for the vision, apparently using herbal medicine will bring less effect rather than […]

10 Hidden Benefits of Eating Neem Leaves for Weight Loss You Should Know

People might feel curious on benefits of eating neem leaves for weight loss. This is because reducing weight is everlasting problems that experience by many people. Therefore, any way to reduce the weight will be a worth solution to try. Including consume the herbal extract tea up to many other natural ways. One of the […]

15 Benefits of Neem Leaves For Diabetes #1 Proven

Neem leaves are shrubs originally from the Hindustani region, precisely in Madya Pradesh, India. Therefore the name of the mimba sounds like Hindustan. Neem plants began to spread throughout the world, and managed to grow in Indonesia since the year 1500, precisely growing in the island of Java. This plant is not native to Indonesia, […]