10 Unknown Benefits of Neem Leaves For Eyes And Healthy Vision

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The benefits of neem leaves for eyes as one of the herbal solution is now start to famous. As people with several vision problems looking for a new breakthrough, and one of the best solution by having herbal medication. Not only good for the vision, apparently using herbal medicine will bring less effect rather than chemical prescription. Therefore, this kind be a good solution and alternatives for those that not interest to add chemical medication.

Neem leaves are origin from Indian continent. It also grow quite well in several Asian countries. Therefore, the plant is familiar to find along those countries. Furthermore, to get the leaves also quite an easy thing. But however, neem leaves are difficult to grow in a country with extreme weather. Making the plant only suitable living in some tropical countries of the world.

How to Use Neem Leaves 

As mention previously that one of the benefit of this herbal leaves including to manage a better vision. Therefore, no wonder if it start to use as an eyes treatment. For those who feel curious on how to use this leaves in curing eyes diseases, check below lists of suggestions on how to properly perform it.


  • Get some fresh neem leaves.
  • Smash or grind the leaves to get a neem porridge.
  • Strain the blended leaves and apply around the eye for 10-15 minutes.


  • Get some fresh neem leaves.
  • Boil some water and add the leaves when the water start boiling.
  • Turn off the heat and strain the extract.
  • Pour the extract into a bottle.
  • Apply for eyes area or consume it once a day.

Nutrient Content of Neem Leaves

There is actually no specific information on the nutrient content of the leaves. Mainly if relate with the capability to heal and treat vision. However, as many other herbal plant, the neem leaves also consider rich in fiber, some vitamins and also some minerals. If want to know further on the benefits of neem leaves for eyes, check on below points.

1. Avoid Dark Eye Circle

One of the common benefits of the neem leaves including to treat the dark eye circle. This is mostly happen when someone feel tired. Therefore, apply the leaves to the eye area will help to reduce this symptoms and result a fresh eye condition. This actually the same mechanism of the health benefits of aloe vera for eyes to avoid dark circle eyes.

2. Reduce Swollen Eyes

Another capability of the leaves including to help reduce the swollen eye. Mainly due to diseases or several symptoms. Therefore, to use the neem leaves on the eye circle will lead to a better swollen eye and even can help to soothe it faster.

3. Improve Vision

Several peoples believe that consume neem leaves frequently every day can help to improve the vision. However, this benefit needs further improvement and research. The best by combine with vitamin A consumption that will support a healthier eye. Since the vitamin A benefits has the same mechanism with the leaves, including to maintain a clear vision.

4. Avoid Eye Infection

The benefits of neem leaves for eyes including to avoid any possibility of eye infection. This will help to treat the bacteria or virus infection that lead to eye diseases. Therefore, it is a good way to manage a healthy eye condition.

5. Irritate Remedy

The extract leaves also good to deal with eye irritate. Therefore, one of the benefit including to remedy the irritate condition. This is the same health benefits of purple berries that works to soothe the eye irritation too. Furthermore, it manage a fasten cure and better vision after.

6. Anti Oksidan

Neem leaves are rich with anti oxidant content. Therefore, it helps to reduce any finelines around the eye circle. It will help to bring a younger look by eliminate the eye wrinkle very fast.

7. Fresh Eye

Consume and use neem leaves extract will be a good alternative for those who needs to get some fresh eye. Therefore, it can be a great solution to deal with tired eyes and puff eyes too. This is the same benefits of tomatoes for eyes that works to bring better eye too.

8. Avoid Glaucoma

Neem leaves also famous with the capability to manage the blood sugar level. It is an interesting fact that this benefit can lead the eye healthy mostly to avoid glaucoma. Since this diseases normally happen due to raise blood sugar level.

9. Soothe Eye Inflammation

Using the neem leaves extract will help to soothe any eye inflammation. The anti inflammatory agent of the content inside the leaves will work to perform fasten cure. This is the same benefits of basil leaves for eyes health that also good to manage soothe eye inflammation faster.

10. Avoid Dry Eyes

Some people also mention that the leaves will help to soothe any dry eyes condition. Therefore, apply the leaves for several minutes during night time before sleeping is the best mechanism to avoid any dry eyes. Furthermore, it will help to refresh the eye condition.

Recommendation of Neem Leaves

Even it is mention that neem leaves is good for the eyes and vision, there still several recommendation that needs to consider. Therefore, it is better to check on below lists when planning to have the neem leaves as a herbal medication to deal with vision problems.

  • Do not continue consume or using the leaves extract if any allergically condition is appear. The allergy symptoms mainly result itchiness or redness skin.
  • Make sure to check on the extract higiene and avoid to infected with other diseases due to expired products or bad products.
  • Pregnant woman shall ask the caregiver first before using or consume the medication to avoid any possible effects of the fetus.
  • People that consume medical prescription is better not to get this herbal medicine to avoid any possible interfere of the medication.

Those all the benefits of neem leaves for eyes. Through a good way of consumption and combine with vitamin A consumption, the extract can help to perform a better vision. However, make sure to read carefully how to consume the extract to avoid any further effects or problems. Always ask for doctor information in case that you feel uncertain on this medication.