Get The Health Benefits of Eating Banana the First Thing in the Morning

As a country with tropical climate, Indonesia is blessed with exotic yet tasty fruits, such as bananas. Bananas are considered as a common staple to Indonesian cuisine, having being served on its own, as snacks, breakfast, side dishes, to desserts. For your information, bananas that are primarily utilized for cooking are referred to as plantains. […]

What’s The Health Benefits of Eating Cucumber First Thing in the Morning?

We may not seem to be a stranger towards cucumbers. It is present in various segments of daily life, ranging from being a salad ingredient, food decoration, to skincare. More often than not, we eat cucumber slices without giving a second thought on what its actual health benefits are. Anyway, what are the health benefits […]

15 Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Water First Thing in the Morning

Many people aware the health benefits of drinking warm water first thing in the morning. This has been known for many years that warm water will bring a good benefit for the body. Therefore, it is a good habit which need to developed. Either for children or elderly, all can get numerous advantage through this […]

11 Health Benefits of Eating Amla In the Morning

One of the best times to take healthy foods, especially for fruits and vegetables, is in the morning or known as breakfast. Healthy foods that we take in the morning play a big role to our activities, moreover for the health of the body. However, whether it is in the morning or not, it is […]