20 Health Risks of Anorexia Nervosa (No.8 Very Danger)

Anorexia nervosa is the eating disorder that can cause somebody could lose the severe body weight. People with anorexia nervosa would be fear of gaining weight and they will feel better soon after they realize that there are some decreased amount of their body weight. Because of that, people with anorexia nervosa would be dare […]

26 Benefits of Healthy Eating (No.4 Very Important)

Eating is a must to keep us survive but Benefits of Healthy Eating must be consider to long life. Everyday we take some foods and we have millions food choices in our whole life and they give some effect to our body condition especially health. You are what you eat, this phrase is absolutely true. […]

13 Health Benefits of Not Eating Red Meat (No.3 Shocking)

Who doesn’t love to consume meat? Yes, meat is one of people’s favorite food. Red meat contain high protein and fat which make it flavorful. Fat in red meat has high palatability ( agreeable taste ) which make people loves to consume it. Red meat has been establish as important dietary source of protein and […]

8 Causes of Tired After Eating (No.6-8 Deadly)

Have you ever felt so drowsy and tired after eating? Most people had this experience and sometimes this phenomenon makes people become little bit concerns about their health conditions. People tend to afraid that they are suffering from specific diseases and they ended up asking questions like “Why am I tired after eating?”. For many […]

12 Complate Types of Eating Disorders : Cause, Signs, & Complications

What is an Eating Disorder? National Institute of Mental Health describes eating disorder as serious and often fatal illnesses that cause severe disturbances to a person’s eating behaviors. A person with this abnormal attitude may focus excessively about their body weight and shape, resulting in his/her health damage. A person with an eating disorder may start […]