Health Benefits of Red Thai Curry – Delicious but Healthy Thai Food

Thailand food is always full of surprises! Its rich spices make Thailand food become favorable to try when you visit Thailand. Curry is one of the famous dishes coming from Thailand. There are many types of curry based on the color, such as green, red and yellow curry. Three of them are worth to taste […]

8 Proven Benefits Of Curry Leaves For High Blood Pressure

Hypertension if one of the most diseases that experience by half of Indonesian people. This is a common sickness in Asia. Therefore, some people start to look at benefits of curry leaves for high blood pressure. Not many people feel familiar with curry leaves. Usually the famous one is curry food as traditional food from […]

12 Amazing Health Benefits of Curry Leaves (No.1 Potent)

For us who lived in tropical or subtropical countries, Curry leaves is not a strange trees anymore. Curry leaves is a plant belonging to the family of Rutaceae, that live in a tropical or subtropical whether. The leaves are often used as a spice specialties in  India, Srilanka, or neighbouring countries. In Indonesia, curry leaves […]