15 Benefits of Cucumber for Beauty Treatments (#1 Proven)

Cucumber is a vegetable which rich of water and has a crispy texture. It is usually served as the dishes complement for some local and international food such as salad, rojak, sandwich, peanut mixed sauce and so on. Cucumber has a very low calorie and full of nutrient else than only water and electrolyte. One […]

20 Health Benefits of Apple and Cucumber Juice (Skin, Detox & Body Cleanse)

A perfect combination of fruits and vegetables that will provide your body its required nutrient is apple and cucumber. Blending them together to make fresh and healthy juice can be an amazing idea to keep your body supplied with nutrients in a delicious way. So, why do you need to do that? Because there is […]

7 Proven Benefits of Cucumber for Eyes (No.1 Is Best)

The eyes are the center point when we look at someone. Therefore, keep the healthy eyes and their surrounding area should be done. The skin area around the eyes is quite thin compared to the other skin areas of the body. This causes the skin area around the eyes can be changed easily, for example, […]