Health Benefits of Kemun Black Tea – Powerful Herbal Drink from East

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There are so many black teas around the world and they seem all amazing. We have health benefits of Lapsang Souchong (Black Smoked) Tea from China that has potential to prevent cancer growth. Today we’ll talk about Lapsang Souchong’s friend, Keemun Tea. It has same origin with Lapsang Souchong, but different region. It’s originated from Qimen Country in the Anhui Province.

It was first produced in 19th century and it’s more popular in the West due to its floral and slightly smoky odor. It also has a few cocoa taste that makes it different compared to other black tea. It has similar production process with other teas, such as withering and oxidation process. But what makes it different is it has geraniol, a combination of monoterpenoid and alcohol, which can make your body warmer.

This type of tea has many health benefits of Kemun Black Tea that can be good for our body. Here are some highlights about its benefits.

1. Natural Body Energizer

People nowadays often uses instant energizer that can be found in grocery store or mini market. Those stuff can be good, but due to some materials like sugar and food preservative, it could be dangerous for our body’s future. Keemun tea exists to be original body energizer. Due to its caffeine and other positive materials, the tea could sustain your body energy during your day and help you reducing fatigue.

The caffeine itself is not as strong as it is in coffee, so it doesn’t really trigger your addictive nerve as strong as coffee does. Consuming this tea in the morning can be beneficial to help you to keep up during work time as usually people get tired in 9 a.m. due to late sleep or being tired. There’s also more things about natural body energizer that you can find here, Health Benefits of kokum.

2. Actively Fighting Free Radicals

Like another black tea, Keemun tea has high amount of antioxidant that could fight free radicals and dangerous material coming from pollution and food from daily activities. This antioxidant is particularly provided by polyphenols and flavonoids, an active material that could prevent your body from fighting those dangerous material.

Since everyday people works outside and eating every food they could find. The unwanted and dangerous material could easily go in to the body. In addition, direct access to sunlight when afternoon comes is highly dangerous since it radiates ultraviolet. Free radicals will go in to your body, affecting cells and forms unwanted disease that could worsen your body condition.

But by consuming Keemun tea in the morning, you already set antioxidant in your body. When free radicals go in to your body, it’ll be fought by the antioxidant and prevent those free radicals from changing your cells. There’s actually another way to fight free radicals from your body if you don’t like tea, that you can check here, Health Benefits of Consuming Soup from China that Can Help You to Fight Free Radicals.

3. Better Digestion

It’s also believed that black tea can help your digestion easier since it’ll separate unwanted and necessary materials from your body, thus makes your metabolism runs well and make yourself healthy. That’s why tea is highly recommended for people who undergo the diet to consume black tea, such as Keemun tea.

Having the same health benefits of Manuka honey, Keemun tea can be an alternative to be a diet routine as both ingredient has similar effect, both of them can be your choice to lose your body weight. Keemun tea also has low amount of calorie that doesn’t add to your body weight. Thus, it can be beneficial to your diet routine as well.

4. Natural Whitening for Your Teeth

The whitening materials that can clean your teeth is coming from fluoride. Tea has also some amount of fluoride as well that can strengthen your teeth enamel and even prevent bacterial growth. Fluoride in Keemen tea could also prevent the plague growth that could keep your mouth healthy.

5. Immune System and Hydration

Keemun tea, as the member of black tea, could enhance your immune system to fight bacterial infection and free radicals. Some research suggest that in order to get enough immune system, it is recommended to drink three cup of tea per days.

Keemun tea is also beneficial to keep your body hydrated because the amount of water in the tea could keep your body hydrated. When you don’t like water in general, Keemun tea can be an alternative to keep your body hydrated even though it’s not as good as mineral water. You can also check this article about Alternative Method to Keep Your Body Hydrated.

Those are some facts about Keemun Tea that’s very popular in European country and America. Indeed, there are many health benefits of Kemun Black Tea. It highly has benefits to keep your body healthy. You can use this tea as an alternative to your daily routine before you go to work or do your daily activities. But remember, drinking Keemun Tea is not enough to keep your body healthy. You need to do physical exercises and eating healthy food to minimize unwanted materials go in to your body.