Benefits of Using Dotted Condoms for Pleasure and Safety

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When we talk about condoms, the first come to our mind is safety. Well, condoms keep us safe from any Sexually Transmitted Disease or STD and also from unplanned pregnancy.

But today, condoms appear in variations to offer you not only safety, but also pleasure. They come in various colors, flavors, and texture. One of people favorite condoms is the textured condoms, which might be ribbed, studded, or dotted.

The textured condoms, especially dotted condoms are claimed to offer extra excitement to the user. Many people who use plain condoms in their whole life start to dig the benefits of using dotted condoms.

Dotted Condom and Its History

Dotted condom is the specially designed condom with raised dots on the outer part of male condoms. It is specially designed to create extra friction and stimulation during the sexual intercourse.

Although these condoms mainly offer extra excitement for female, the male partner will also feel the extra sensation of using dotted condom as the benefits of using dotted condoms. Dotted condom firstly developed in 2001 by Durex, the well-known condom brand in the world.

In the first creation of condom in 1915, it only has the plain condom with no lubricant. Then, in 1995, innovation was made to create flavored and colored condom before in 2001 finally the textured condom is published. Today, the dotted condoms are available in many brands and variations. You can try and explore them to add sensation and pleasure for your sex life.

The Benefits of Using Dotted Condoms

Your relationship with your partner may become dull and boring at any time. Therefore, it is important for you and your partner to spice up things. In this case, sexual life is one of the keys for a better relationship.

People say that good sex means good relationship. So why don’t you try dotted condoms? You’ll find the benefits of using dotted condoms as mentioned below.

  1. New sexual experience

Some people may never use condoms or only use the plain condoms for their sexual intercourse. Why don’t you try the new thing for your new sexual experience?

In this case, you can use dotted condoms. It might be simple. But this simple thing is effective to give you a whole new sexual experience. Even if you will go back to the plain condoms or the bare sexual intercourse, using dotted condom once in a while is an effective and efficient shortcut to the new exciting sexual experience. To your  Benefits of Having Sex in the Morning 

  1. Improve confidence

Using dotted condoms can also improve one’s confidence, especially for men.  Despite the fact that dotted condoms are created to stimulate women’s sexual pleasure, it doesn’t mean that these condoms are not beneficial for men.

Condoms are mainly created to be used by men.  In this case, dotted condoms can improve men’s confidence as they feel that they can provide extra pleasure for their sexual partner by using the condoms.  As we know, self-confidence is important during the sexual intercourse. Or else men can have exercise to improve vitality and confidence by the Research-Based Benefits of Kegels for Guys

  1. Heighten sexual pleasure

Dotted condoms and the other textured condoms are intended to heighten sexual pleasure. While most dotted condoms have a dot-like pattern on the outer surface, some of them also have extra dotted layering inside. It increases intense excitement for both men and women.

As we know, the genital organs are very sensitive even when we use the plain condoms or nothing at all. What it could be if we have dotted condoms as the means of stimulation? You’ll find you are high with your libido and have the sensational sex. Or else, you can consume natural ingredients such as sea urchins with its Health Benefits of Sea Urchins #Works for Sexual Treatments

  1. Increase intimacy

Using dotted condoms doesn’t merely about safety and pleasure. It can also increase intimacy between partners. As we know, trying unusual thing to explore our sexual life need communication and agreement between partners. Therefore, using condoms by agreement of you and your partner will also increase intimacy in your relationship.

  1. Keep you safe

Although dotted condoms appear as a result of sophisticated innovation, it is still a condom which means to give protection to the user. Well, dotted condom doesn’t only offer pleasure, but also safety from some problems.

One of the problems is Sexually Transmitted Diseases such as genital herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV. Using dotted condom can also prevent you from the unplanned pregnancy. Here is the Benefits of Coconut Oil as Genital Herpes Treatment.

The Recommendation in Using Dotted Condom

There are some recommendations in using dotted condoms. This recommendation will keep you safe during your sensational and pleasant sexual activities involving dotted condoms.

Here are the recommendations:

  • Partner agreement

Although you can use dotted condoms to surprise your partner, it is important to ask for your partner’s agreement when you are going to use dotted condom. It is because some people might not be familiar with textured condom.

Do not insist on using dotted condom if your partner feels uncomfortable with it. Or maybe when your partner is on pregnancy, you should ask for agreement to get the Health Benefits of Having Sex During Pregnancy . You should also make sure that your partner is resistant to latex. As we know, most of dotted condoms are made of latex.

  • Try on different brands

Some people are reluctant to use condoms as they tend to bring down the thrill during the sexual activities. They say that going bare is a lot better than using condoms.

In this case, dotted condoms can attract men on using condoms. And to avoid the boring routine of using plain condoms, it is recommended for men to explore and try on some dotted condoms from various brands. This way, men can find which dotted condoms best suit their activities.

  • Use properly

Any kinds of condoms including dotted condoms should be used properly. First, you should make sure that you use the condom before the expiration date. The expired condoms might not be functioned as it is purposed.

In addition, you should also make sure that you follow the correct instruction in putting condoms. Otherwise, you’ll not be safely protected. It is recommended that you only use dotted condoms for anal or vaginal intercourse only, as the oral intercourse may be risky. As we know, the dots may break easily if you allow teeth or nail to damage the condoms.

That’s all the benefits of using dotted condoms along with the history and recommendation in using the condoms. What should we highlight about the use of dotted condoms here is that we can always involve safety in the way we chase pleasure.