16 Health Benefits of Having Sex During Pregnancy (True or Not?)

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Pregnancy is a moment that every mothers wait in the world. But sometimes, during pregnancy, there are too many myths that assume affect it. Therefore, it is important to understand the do and dont’s during pregnancy. Including is it there a health benefits of having sex during pregnancy. There are many queries about this.

Actually sex on pregnancy is still fine. However, there some issues that needs to be concern. This is to make sure that the pregnancy will be fine up to the birth time. Hence, to get more information on it, below are some trivia of health benefits of having sec during pregnancy.

1. Affect The Baby Sex?

False! You might learn during high school that baby gender is a matter off X and Y combination. Therefore, it is not right if the sex position will affect the baby sex. The right ways to do is by arrange your supply food to help with optimize chromosome making in baby sex preference. This is the health benefits of tahitian noni to help with baby gender during pregnancy.

2. Strength The Womb?

False! Even though it bring many contraction, doesn’t mean it will help the womb of getting strength. Since contraction can possibly bring miscarriage if happens too many. Therefore, this shall be done carefully and shall per advise from the doctor. Since there are several health condition that not allowed to do this activity due to weakness womb.

3. Sex Will Hurt The Baby? 

False! This is depend on the health condition of the mother and the sex position. Therefore, it can not suddenly affect the baby. There is no possibility of harmful the baby if the activity done correctly. Therefore, do not be afraid with this myths. As long as the doctor say okay, than surely it is safe to perform. You might need to reduce the frequencies only.

4. Conceive In Pregnant?

True! You might just know that conceiving during pregnancy is possible. Therefore, you might have another baby if this is work. Of course it is a rare condition. But still happen and really works in some cases. This is the health benefits of purple tea of bring twin babies.

5. Avoid Stress?

True! Since it can bring relaxation and good mood or feelings. Therefore, it can perform during pregnant to stabilize the mood and avoid possibility of baby blues or pregnancy blues.

6. Help Insomnia?

False! It is not right if you get tired after this activity you can have enough rest. Since the insomnia during pregnancy related with hormonal change. Therefore, this will not affect the insomnia or will not cure insomnia during pregnancy. The best way to solve with insomnia is sleep as you can. Even during the day.

7. Avoid Heartburn?

False! By having sex on your pregnancy can not avoid the heartburn. However, the heartburn condition is affect by the faring reflux. The best way to soothe it down is by avoiding sleep after eating. This is the same health benefits of bananas in pregnancy to avoid heartburn during pregnancy. 

8. Ease Birth?

True! In third semester it will help to ease the birth by normal labour. Therefore, it beneficial to bring and stimulate womb contraction. Which will be needed to ease normal labor. Hence, medical practitioner normally suggest this activity to help with ease and right weeks of bringing birth.

9. Stimulate Breast milk?

True! Another health benefits of having sex during pregnancy is to stimulate breatmilk production. Mainly in third semester of pregnancy. Therefore, it can help to prepare the breast milk flow and storage after birth.

10. Supply Good Hormones?

True! Sex is a good stress release. Therefore, it will help to supply a good hormones for body development that can help to maintain your health during pregnancy. Therefore, it is good to keep having sex while pregnant. This is the same health benefits anise seeds to release hormones that optimize metabolism.

11. Avoid Miscarriage?

False! Since if it is perform during earlier term and end of term it will possibly bring miscarriage. Therefore, it is better to avoid the activity in first trimester.

12. Avoid Cancer?

False! It is not right that it can help to avoid pelvic cancer. The cancer can growth due to various reasons. Therefore, pregnant or not shall keep aware of the possibility of cancer. The best way yo avoid it by consuming more fruits which rich in anti oxidant.

13. Soothe Embolism?

False! Some people might thinking taht it can help to soothe embolism symptomps during pregnant. Which is not true. Since it will bring bigger possibility to experience blood embolism during intercourse. Therefore, make sure to keep safe when having sex on pregnancy. This is the same health benefits of vitamin E.

14. Release Oxytocin?

True! Excitement during sex will help to release oxytocin that benefit during pregnancy. Therefore, it will help to ease labour and avoid cramp on the womb. Furthermore, it is the best stimulate to produce breast milk and flashes for labour preparation.

15. Increase Metabolism?

True! The activity will help to increase body metabolism in converting food to energy. Therefore, it keep a balance metabolism even though during pregnancy. Due to most metabolism is getting slower during pregnant. Therefore, it is benefit to help with bring back normal metabolism of the body.

16. Exercise?

True! It is a good replacement of safe exercise. Since during pregnancy there are not much choice of kind of safety sports. It can be replace with swimming or jogging. But however it shall be done carefully to avoid preterm labour.

Those are the fact and myths of health benefits of having sex during pregnancy. Make sure to do as per doctor advise and avoid things that prohibited. Otherwise, you will risk the baby inside the womb. Furthermore, it can risk the mother too. So, always be carefull and stay safe.