Health Benefits of Having Your Pet Spayed or Neutered – The Recommendation

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Having a pet is actually bringing happiness into your life. Cute and lovable act giving from your pet is able to make the owner feel content with comfort, no stress and no depression.

It is because you believe the fact you are not alone in this world since you have loyal companion. Therefore, it consequently gives you a good well-being. Research has clearly proven there are so many benefits a human can get from adopting a pet or more.

All of those beneficial impacts are not only for you, but also for your precious families as you can read it in Health Benefits Pets for Families. Even if you are not adopting pets, for example: cats, just by watching some videos of them can give you health benefits as it is explained in Health Benefits Watching Cat Videos. Amazing, isn’t it?

So now, you are wondering a way in order to keep your pet healthy. In fact, not only does diets and exercises can successfully get your pet away from ill. From Health Benefits of Brown Rice for Dogs, you know that foods can make your pet healthier.

It turns out that the process of spaying or neutering includes to one of a millions way to make sure your pet is in a good shape. Some of pet’s owner might not quite understand about spaying or neutering. Or maybe there are some who already know about this but still doubtful whether doing spay/neuter to their pet or not. Hesitate? Don’t be! In fact, it provides so many health benefits of having your pet spayed or neutered.

Before going to health benefits, a brief explanation will be good to make you fully understand. Having your pet spayed or neutered means your pet is going into a surgery process of removing specific vital organs of themselves. Pets that are mostly brought by the owner for getting spayed or neutered are dogs and cats.

What happen to female gender is the ovaries and uterus are removed. On the other hand, for male dogs or cats the organ that is removed is testicles. The surgery aims to make the pet unable to do reproduction.

Let’s move forward to its benefits of doing spaying and neutering to your pet. These are interesting health benefits of having your pet spayed or neutered, that everyone should acknowledge:

  1. Prevent your pet from getting cancer and tumor

Pets that are not getting spayed or neutered have bigger risk of experiencing cancer. On the contrary, having your pet spayed or neutered can free them from several types of cancer as well as consuming turmeric to prevent cancer in Health Benefits of Turmeric for Dogs.

The surgery can prevent female pet to get breast cancer, ovarian and cervical tumors. In addition to the type of cancer, the male dog is prevented from testicular cancer. By doing spaying or neutering, it will reduce the risk of cancer in your pet’s well-being. Therefore, your dog or cat has a chance to live longer because of its good condition.

  1. Prevent your female pet from getting other diseases

Unspayed female pets experience heat cycles for about twice a year. The heat cycles can grow the stress level on your pet. You are already known that stress is not a good thing for human, you can read in Health Risks of Stress. Likewise, it is bad for your pet.

Stress can lead your pet to other diseases besides cancer which are: respiratory disease, parasite infestation, and bacterial infection. If your female pet is already spayed, it reduces the possibility of stress since your pet would not experience heat anymore after the procedure. In other words, your pet has lower risk to get those illnesses. 

  1. Stop male dog to escape from your house

The problem of having male pet is yours escaping from house to find mate. If your dog or cat can not find way home, you will have to look for your dog anywhere. This act of running away from house is risky as well. Out there, your male dog or cat might face some unpleasing experience like fight with the male street dogs, since the unneutered pet is aggressive.

More tragic, your pet can get into traffic accident. With neutering procedure, the dog will not have intention to find mate and it will not run away from your house on that purpose. It is way safer for your dog safety, too. Your dog would not get lost out there and keep healthy in house.

  1. Improve the behavior of your male pet

Unspayed or unneutered male pets are more likely to have urine-marking behavior. They claim their territory by spreading the urine with its unpleasant smell. For unneutered male pets, they do that in order to attract female and show the sign that the male is available.

For this reason, neutering in such early age can be good decision before a problem comes. An early neutering tends to solve this urine-marking behavior rather than neutering in older age. 

  1. Provide a more healthy environment for your community

A million of stray cats and dogs are all over the street. The great amount of those strays is surely a disturbance for community. It also inconvenience for community in a way that the strays bark and disturb as they are noisy. In some cases, those stray animals bite human.

For stray cats and dog itself, it increase the risk of suffering or dying since no one look after them and giving them good care. Yes, there are animal shelters for the strays to live, but if their number of existence is excessive, the shelter will find it hard to take care of them. By spaying and neutering animal, it reduces the amount of unwanted puppies or kitten. Due to avoid overpopulation, it will provide a more healthy and peaceful environment.


After the surgery, you have to take extra care for your pets. As your pet needs time to recover, it will be better if you put your pet in serene place to get the calming effect. In case you are having pet more than one, it is also preferable if you separated the spayed or neutered from the other pets after surgery.

Besides, you should not bath your pet at least after ten days passed to get rid of the risk of surgery. Pay full attention to their action, do not let them to run or jump. It is for the sake of avoiding inconvenience of undesirable complication your pet can get.


If you are wondering about when is the right time to get your pet spayed or neutered, here is the answer. The dogs can be spayed or neutered in the age of eight weeks. Same goes to cats, but it is better to get your cats spayed or neutered before reaching the age of five month.

You have to know that pets in older age that are getting the surgery will have a higher risk of complication. So, it is highly recommended to bring your pet for getting the surgery in early age to get better health benefits of having your pet spayed or neutered.