8 Benefits of Bringing Your Pet to Work for Mental Health

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When some people start to thinking of adopting pet, maybe they crave for joy that a pet can bring to their life. Indeed, the presence of pet surrounds your life is worthwhile in changing into a brighter atmosphere. The loneliness can be passed, you will feel delightful. Aside from that good feeling, the other benefits of pet living in your house are promising, based on what has delivered in Health Benefits of Pet for Families. It can be seen that not only did you get the benefit, but your family as well.

You enjoy owning pet in your life. Sometimes you do something outside with your pet in order to make it happier and not get bored for just staying in home. For instance, bringing your pet to morning walk session. You get some advantages from walking, as well as explained in Health Benefits Morning Walking – and your pet also gets its own benefits. As you are able to reckon, this is such a win-win situation for both side. With the companion of pet, you can feel more relaxed. Going to any place with dog companion makes you feel happier too.

However, have you ever thought of bringing your pet to another place besides house or dog walking near where you live in? Have you ever considered of bringing your pet to work? According to Society of Human Resource Management in 2015, 8% employers let the employees bring pet to workplace.

This year, there must be more companies that allow the pet presence in their office. Seeking from the good aspect, bringing pet to work has its hidden positive benefits, and it is mostly for the owner of the pet itself.

If your company allows pet to workplace, you can decide to bring your pet. Check out these 8 health benefits of bringing your pet to work below:

  1. Reduce stress

Workplace can be so stressful and give pressure to you because of so much work to do. Then, if the task is about to reach the tight deadline; your level of stress might increase. Of course you need to get away from stress because it causes risks to your well-being as conveyed in Health Risks of Stress.

Bringing pet to your workplace can make you feel more comfortable and put aside the feeling of being pressured like you have always experienced. It is proven in a numerous studies that the pet companion is able to decrease your level of cortisol, which is often being called as the stress hormone.

  1. Stop your worries

As your pet is under your guard, your worries can be drifted away. Sometimes when leaving your pet alone in house or apartment on its own, you are being paranoid and insecure in case something bad happened to your pet. You might wonder what your pet is doing, whether is it safe or not.

As a result, you will always have to coming home soon. With pet in your workplace, you do not have to feel worry anymore since you are able to see their condition directly.

  1. Save more money

For some of you who do not want to leave pet alone, animal daycare might be one of the options. However, it costs much money. Pet companion in your workplace can save more money and it becomes one of many benefits of bringing your pet to work.

As the money is not spent to pay the daycare, you can use your money for another occasion that is more necessary. It would be a wise decision for you to make, as you just need to bring your beloved pet to accompany you during work. 

  1. Socialize more to other co-workers

If there are other co-workers who also bring pet, there will be communication as fellow pet owner. For example, as you meet the other in elevator or in the room during the break time, there will be unexpected conversation. The topic may pop up out of the blue, yet it can make you interact more.

Not only that, it build a better connection between you and other employees. You will no longer have to feel awkward and will enjoy your work even more.

  1. Increase productivity and good performance

After your worries go away, you are going to feel relaxed and comfortable on doing your work. You are not getting bored because there is your beloved pet in your workplace. Due to full attention you give into work, you can serve better contribution to your company.

In addition, since you bring pet to office and the insecurity has gone away, you do not mind of working longer. It gives positive impact to you in a way that productivity is increased. Your work is getting done perfectly. For that reason, your performance of work will be good, even better than before.

  1. Build creativity

Having dog in your place of work makes you consider about going outside, especially at the break time. You do not want your pet getting bored without going outdoors. As a result, you walk them outside during break time instead of just sitting in your office chair and decide to continue your task.

Many researches and studies point out that walking boost your creativity and giving your brain more ideas. If you are seeking for a creativity to improve your work performance, you definitely have to do this! 

  1. Prevent obesity

Pet in your workplace encourages you to move often rather than sitting all the time. As your pet needs something, you will have to stand up for a bit to fulfill their needs. Besides consuming certain foods as in Weight Loss Foods, your fat can be burnt and somehow you are able to lose your weight by those active movements in workplace. It helps you to stay in good shape and prevent overweight.

  1. Improve health

It is no doubt that pet presence makes the owner healthier. Therefore, work with pet companion is a great choice. According to many studies, people that are accompanied by pet, visit the doctor fewer times compared to those who do not bring their pet to work.

Petting or stroking your pet during work can also give calming effect. It reduces your heart rate and blood pressure. Also, petting can boost your immune system to keep healthy and prevent you from getting sick. Last but not least, you will probably need to read Benefits of Good Health as well.


The presence of your pet in workplace should not inconvenience others. Therefore, you have to maintain good hygiene of your pet and bring to vet visit regularly – in order to prevent spreading diseases to your co-worker.

Besides, training is also important since untrained pet can damage equipment and causing distraction. If all those matters are under control, then no need to worry much about having your pet companion and get benefits of bringing your pet to work!