Beautiful Benefits of Garlic Nail Polish (#1 Homemade Nail Treatment)

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Nail in one of essential points for women to enhance their appearance. This is the reason why women include nail treatment as one of the top beauty priorities, aside from akin and hair. It is common to see women spending lots of money to treat and beautify their nail. As we know, there are many thing women can do to enhance their nails’ beauty such as regularly go on manicure and doll up the nail with variety of nail arts.

But do you know that there are also natural ingredients which is able to support nails’ natural beauty? Do you say garlic? That’s correct! Garlic is the natural ingredients which is beneficial for nails. Therefore, now you can find some nail treatment product such as nail polish which include garlic in it. So, what are the benefits of garlic nail polish? Is it effective?

Some people might have known about the beneficial point of garlic for nails. But most of them apply garlic as traditional treatment to their nail. They just apply garlic directly on nails, let it dry, and rinse it.

We can say that it is less effective, as the garlic may not optimally absorb in an instant. In addition, the smell will prevent you to do the other activities such as working or shopping. It is less efficient. As for your information, garlic nail polish may be the perfect solution for you as it just looks like clear nail polish with the benefits of garlic, so it beautify your nail yet it is not stinky.

The Nutrition Fact of Garlic

Garlic is popular around the world as it is the main ingredient in cooking for its strong and delicious taste. However, garlic is also popular for its health and medicinal property including its ability to enhance nails health.

By applying garlic nail polish, you can obtain the benefits of garlic nail polish which come from the following beneficial value.

  • Protein
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Selenium
  • Fiber
  • Copper
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus

The most dominant compounds in garlic are manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C, selenium, and fiber. And it is claimed that the most beneficial compounds in garlic to enhance nails’ health is manganese.

Besides, it is important for nails to get sufficient Health Benefits of Vitamin E as you might not know about the Shocking Health Benefits of Vitamin E Oil for Nails. So, it is better to supply the need of vitamin E for your nail by applying vitamin E oil regularly. Or else, you can also consume rich vitamin E foods, such as black soybean which gives you Health Benefits of Black Soybean.

The Health Benefits of Garlic Nail Polish

As mentioned above that garlic nail polish can not only enhance the beauty, but also the health of our nail.

And about how to use it, it is very simple, as you can just apply garlic nail polish as you apply regular nail polish, and get the benefits of garlic nail polish as mentioned below. 

  1. Strengthen nails

It is every girl dream to have strong nails, so that we can do many things to our nails. We can put on our favorite nail arts. Besides, having strong nails makes us easier in treating our nail.

In this case, garlic nail polish can give you a hand. The garlic nail polish is effective to strengthen your nails. You just need to apply garlic nail polish regularly and no more brittle nails.

  1. Restore natural glow

Some girls tend to go natural for their nails. But it doesn’t mean that they ignore their nails health. For you who want to have naturally glowing nails, you can apply garlic nail polish. The beneficial compound in garlic help your nail to restore its natural glow.

  1. Boost nail growth

Besides strong nails, women also fond of long nails especially whose big fat fingers. It can cover the lack or our finger and make it more proportional. But what should we do to make our nail grow faster? We know that nails grow naturally just like hairs, and it may take some time to get longer.

Don’t worry. Garlic nail polish can help you with that problem. The calcium, phosphorus, and manganese in garlic are claimed to boost nail growth. Therefore, applying garlic nail polish can help you to have your ideal long nails.

  1. Anti-fungal property

Garlic is natural antiseptic. It can get rid of fungus and bacteria. And do you know that fungus may infect your nail? Well, the fungal infection on nails are different with the fungal infection on skin.

Instead of giving you itching, the fungal infection on nails will discolor your nail and make your nail brittle. This kind of infection doesn’t simply go away by keeping your hands and nails clean. You need to put on strong antiseptic just like garlic nail polish to your nails. 

  1. Nail builder

Applying garlic nail polish regularly on your nail will make it thicker. Amazingly, it just takes some days to make it. This way, you can restore your weak and brittle nails and stimulate the growth of thick and healthy nails. Garlic nail polish bonds splitting or peeling nails.

How To Make Garlic Nail Polish

Actually, you can directly apply garlic on your nails. Just cut a clover into two, then rub it off your nails and cuticle. But this method makes your nails stinky. It is okay of you can stand the smell. But people around you might not. For the solution, you can apply the garlic in a form of nail polish. And don’t worry, you can make it by yourself.

First, you just need some clovers of garlic and also clear nail polish. You can either use base coat or top coat nail polish. Crush and mince the garlic. add it to the nail polish. Let it sit for at least a week in a dry dark place and shake every once in a while.

Worry about the smell? Don’t worry, it won’t smell after a week. After a week, apply the nail polish directly on your nail bed and get the amazing benefits of garlic nail polish. Besides garlic nail polish, you can also have the Health Benefits of Green Olives Stuffed with Garlic as nail tonic.

In addition, you should also enhance cuticle health, as it will affect the growth of your nails by getting the Benefits of Vaseline for Skin.