10 Super Benefits of Using Honey as a Face Wash

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honey for face washHoney has long been known as an ingredient to treat various diseases. Therefore, honey contains nutrients that can keep the immune system. In addition, honey also contains probiotics and also anti-bacterial that can be used to solve skin problems. This benefit you can get if you use honey as a face wash. Read more: benefits of honey for your healthy heart

How to use

How to use honey as a face wash is very easy. Take ½ teaspoon of honey then wipe it evenly over the entire face. Use twice daily during morning and evening for maximum results. Then wash your face with warm water.

If you use honey as a face wash, you will get some benefits like below:

  1. Clean the dirt on the face

Using the benefits of using honey as a face wash can clean the dirt on your face like benefits applying dabur honey face. Therefore, the texture of sticky honey can lift the dirt on the face. The process of removal of dirt on the face will not hurt. Because honey is very soft. This method has the same function with face soap. But the difference, using honey will not lead to the emergence of excess oils such as the use of face soap.

  1. Eliminating bacteria

Wearing honey as a face wash can also remove bacteria on the face. This makes the bacteria that cause acne will die. And make the face smoother without acne. This method is very well used for those of you who currently have facial acne. Therefore, honey contains anti-bacteria and probiotics are good for skin problems.

  1. Balancing oil on facial skin

One way to balance the oil on facial skin is to use a honey as a face wash. Honey contains natural compounds that help balance the oil on the face. As we know, when facial skin is too much oil, it will cause an oily face. Meanwhile, if the lack of oil, will cause facial skin becomes dry.

  1. Moisturize the face

Honey has a high water content. Water content is what makes the skin become moist when used as a face wash. A moist face will make the face more supple, healthy, and also bright.

  1. Suitable for sensitive skin

Honey is different from facial soap in general sold in the market. Because honey is still natural, it can be used for sensitive skin. In contrast to factory-made soap, soap contains a lot of chemicals that can actually make the skin more sensitive.

  1. Balancing facial pH

The face has an acid pH between 3.5 to 5.5. While honey has PH 3.9. This proves that honey is perfect for cleaning the face. While facial soaps that contain chemicals, the other way. This means that the face soap is not suitable for cleaning the face. That is why using face soap containing chemicals can cause various skin problems.

  1. Not irritating

Honey will not make your skin become irritated. Because, the texture of honey is very soft and contains high water. In contrast to the face soap in general is slightly coarse textured, which can make irritation of the facial skin.

  1. Protects sun damage

Benefits of using honey as a face wash can protect facial skin from sun damage. Because honey contains natural antioxidants that help keep facial skin healthy naturally. Excessive sunlight on the face can lead to dry skin, dull, redness, even irritation.

  1. Treating wounds on the face

Honey contains probiotics and also anti-bacterial. Both of these components are useful for treating skin lesions. If you have a wound on your face, you can use a honey as a face wash regularly so that the wound can be treated. Read more: the health benefits of mixture of honey and ginger

  1. Prevent premature aging

Using honey as a natural ingredient to wash the face is also very good to prevent premature aging. This is because honey contains high water so as to maintain skin moisture. Therefore, one cause of premature aging is due to dry skin that causes wrinkles on the face.


You should use raw honey if you want to use it as a face wash. Therefore, health benefits local raw honey still contain natural compounds. And not yet mixed with other substances compared with honey packed in bottles in the supermarket.