10 Incredible Health Benefits of Violet Leaves You Should Know

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Long ago, people love violet as a flower symbolizes faithfulness, modesty, and simplicity. And now, people love to plant the flower as the scene-stealer at their garden, or pick some flowers to decorate their table.

But do you know that the plant can actually give the health benefits for our body? People praise the flower for its beauty and some for health benefits. On the other hand, the leaves is as good as the blossoms. Well, we can also get the health benefits of violet leaves.

The heart shaped leaves with slightly downy beneath are originated from Europe. There are many folklores involves this pretty flower plant in Europe, specifically Greek. People get the health benefits of violet leaves by drinking violet leaves tea. However, the leaves can also be used as external medication.

Nutritional Information of Violet Leaves

There is no way a plant can bring health benefits without its precious nutrition value. The same thing happen for violet leaves. The health benefits of violet leaves are attributed by the contents of valuable nutrient, mainly vitamins and mineral such:

  • Phenolic glycosides
  • Flavonoids
  • Saponins
  • Rutin
  • Alkaloids
  • Mucilage
  • Tannins
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A

The Health Benefits of Violet Leaves

In regard to the nutrition value of violet leaves, we can assume that thee leaves have some beneficial effect for our body. Thus, some health benefits of violet leaves appear from regular usage and consumption are:

  1. Reduce blood pressure

The leaves of violet plant are able to reduce blood pressure as it contains alkaloids and flavonoids. Alkaloids have relaxing effect on blood vessel. As the result, we will have such an easier blood flow. As we know, the normal blood circulation prevents us from getting elevated blood pressure.

On the other hand, flavonoids can act as diuretic which is helpful for those with high blood pressure. It effectively reduces the high blood pressure. Thus, we can say that this heart shaped leaves is actually good for heart as the normal blood pressure will maintain the health of our heart.

  1. Relieve coughs

Get tired of the unstoppable coughing? Violet leaves may give you way to relieve your coughing. Decoction of violet leaves or hot violet tea can be a powerful expectorant as it contains beneficial value for pulmonary health such as mucilage and saponins. It is also a recommended remedy for bronchitis.

The other natural ingredient which is powerful for any respiratory problems is honey especially local raw honey as it performs the Health Benefits of Local Raw Honey

  1. Pain-killer

Salicylic acids in violet leaves presents excellent painkiller while act as anti-inflammatory property. It performs the same action as aspirin to relieve pain in headache, arthritis, and the other pain due to inflammation. The same Health Benefits of Taheebo Leaves and Health Benefits Of Tazo Zen Tea.

  1. Aid digestion

Mucilage or soluble fiber in violet leaves is helpful to reduce bad cholesterol level. Besides, it is also good in improving the health of intestinal flora. The intestinal flora supplies the food for good bacteria which aid digestion. The dietary fiber is also able to improve the bowel movement and prevent some digestion problems such flatulence and constipation. 

  1. Blood purifier

It is said that the leaves of beautiful violet flowers can be used as blood purifier. It means that the leaves are beneficial to enhance the metabolism. This way, the leaves also aid the fast waste elimination. The consumption of violet leaves stimulates the lymphatic glands which helps flush the bacteria and the other unwanted material in the blood.

  1. Treat skin problems

The leaves are also beneficial for skin. It presents the best treatment for some stubborn skin problems such eczema, psoriasis, and acne. In this case, you can use the leaves as topical remedy or compress. The leaves effectively soothe itching and inflammation on skin.

  1. Reduce inflammation

You might run into this plant just as you walking around your neighborhood. The plants are usually grown wild. But you should know that this plant is actually precious. We can prize the flower for its beauty and distinct color. Besides, we can also both use flowers and leaves for consumption need.

It can give you nutrition and the health benefits of violet leaves. One of the health benefits of violet leaves is reducing inflammation. Yes, the leaves are a powerful anti-inflammatory property. It can ease sorts of inflammation such sinus infection, bronchitis, and sore throat.

  1. Reduce fever

Just like the Health Benefits of Quince Leaves, consuming violet leaves can also give a soothing and cooling effect. It is very good when you drink the violet leaves to relieve your fever. It can also relive fever due to the inflammation as the leaves perform a good anti-inflammatory property.

  1. Treat cancer

A certain research showed that violet leaves are beneficial to prevent and treat the early stage of cancer. It’d due to the high antioxidant level which is able to fight the free radicals as the main factor of cancer growth. The regular consumption of violet leaves is evidently able to reduce or shrink the early stage or tumor and cancer.

  1. Treat hemorrhoid

Violet leaves are rich with rutin. Rutin is often found in any remedy for hemorrhoid. It is because rutin performs great anti inflammatory which ease inflammation in hemorrhoid. Rutin is also included into any medicine for varicose veins. The health benefit for hemorrhoid can also be obtained from Health Benefits of Bathua Leaves .

Recommendation in Using Violet Leaves

Most people use the leave as tea. In order to do so, you have to go on drying process of the leaves. Make sure that the leaves perfectly dried, so that it won’t be easily contaminated by unwanted microbe. To serve a cup of violet leaves tea, you can put some leaves in the cup, and pour boiling water into the cup. Put a lid upon the cup and let it steep for about five minutes. Drink it while it is warm.

Or else, you can also have the violet leaves extract from the fresh leaves and use as syrup. If you like the leaves as a food, don’t hesitate to put the fresh leaves into the salad along with your favorite vegetables. Violet leaves are not only healthy, but it is also tasty and absolutely edible. The leaves will also be good for soup or include the leaf in between the sandwich or wrap. This way, you’ll have the health benefits of violet leaves without realizing that you actually take an herbal supplement while fulfilling your nutrition need.

The violet leaves are generally safe for children, youngster, adult, and even those taking pharmaceuticals. It is because the leaves are considered to be one of gentle food herb. Therefore, the exact dosage of recommended intake doesn’t clearly state as it is safe for large quantity consumption.