Hidden Benefits of Eating Ripe Bananas during Pregnancy You Need to Know!

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Pregnant women need to eat the right and healthy foods in order to keep their health and the baby as well. In this case, there are recommendations for the food consumption including fruits and vegetables. However, there are fruits that are good and bad for the pregnant women. One that is well known as the banana. This super fruit really has the great nutrient for body functions. It has high protein and potassium. By consuming this, pregnant women have positive effects in fulfilling the nutrient needs for the baby. Then, what are the good things about banana to promote pregnancy? Hence, to give you more information, here we have listed the benefits of eating ripe bananas during pregnancy below.

1. Source of Protein

By having protein, ripe bananas can boost the energy for pregnant women. More than that, protein is the nutrient that has a role in regenerating the broken cells with new ones. The ideal amount of protein will help to build the body muscle, helping to balance the hormones, and also promoting the healthy digestion system. Otherwise, the deficiency of protein may lead to certain health problems including the chronic fatigue and the lack of food absorption. Then, it is advised to eating ripe bananas during pregnancy for the healthier body. You can also check on Benefits of Curry Leaves for Pregnancy

2. Source of Fiber

As a matter of fact, bananas are the source of fiber. In this case, fiber contributes to stimulating bowel movements and reduce bloating in the stomach due to gas. As a result, bananas can help to fight this side effect of pregnancy. Moreover, this fruit can promote bowel movements as well as relieving constipation. Such the great benefits, right?

3. Source of Vitamin C

You may have known that orange is the source of vitamin C. But, do you know that bananas have the good source of vitamin C? in fact, if you have 225g of banana, then you will get 19 mg of vitamin C or ascorbic acid. Then, you can get the benefits of vitamin C to help in the growth of bones, repairing tissues, and maintaining healthy skin. Further, it fights against infections and inflammations.

4. Source of Iron

As the presence of iron in banana, then it has a role in promoting healthy blood. By this means, it is good for pregnant women who need to promote the growth of hemoglobin or red blood cells. You can also check on Health Benefits of Iron

5. Source of Potassium

Eating bananas during pregnancy is such a good way. It can give you the source of potassium. In fact, if you consume a cup of mashed bananas weighing 225 grams, then you will get over 800 milligrams of potassium. Consequently, it is useful for controlling blood pressure levels in the body. Not only for that, it can deal with high blood pressure which often leads to swelling and spasms.

6. Source of Calcium

Another benefit of eating ripe bananas during pregnancy is to provide the source of calcium. It will be beneficial to promote the bones health. It is also based on a 2009 article in the Journal of Physiology and Biochemistry shown that banana has the abundance of fructooligosaccharides that encourage digestive-friendly probiotics and promote the body’s ability to absorb calcium.

7. Source of Zinc

The banana provides the source of zinc which is beneficial for pregnant women. The zinc nutrient takes part in promoting the normal development of the taste buds of the future baby. You can also check on Zinc Deficiency, foods, daily Need & Benefits

8. Boosts Energy

As explained before, banana has the good nutrient to boost the energy. In this case, the banana is also rich in carbohydrates as they contain simple sugars like glucose, fructose, and sucrose that can be metabolized quickly by the body to provide an immediate energy boost. This can be a good thing for pregnant women as they tend to feel a drop in her energy level. So, eating ripe bananas is something that should be taken into account.

9. Relieves Morning Sickness

The great benefit of eating ripe bananas during pregnancy is to help relieve morning sickness. It is due to the presence of vitamin B6 in banana. Then, it is recommended to eat bananas to deal with this problem. You can also check on Benefits of Vitamin B6 : Deficiency and Intake Dose

10. Treats Nausea

It is known that having bananas for pregnant women can help to deal with nausea. Indeed, nausea is a common problem in pregnancy. Then, by having a banana, it can give you Vitamin B6 that can control nausea and morning sickness. Thus, to relieve this problem, you can count on ripe bananas for sure.

11. Prevents Neural Tube Defects

One of the great benefits of eating ripe bananas during pregnancy is to prevent neural tube defects. It is associated with the presence of folate in it. Indeed, folate is the one that has a role in promoting the necessary for the development of the baby’s brain and spinal cord. Hence, it can prevent the risks of folate deficiencies that can cause birth defects in the baby. You can also check on Health Benefits of Savoiardi Lady Finger During Pregnancy

12. Promotes Baby’s Nervous System

Surprisingly, ripe bananas can be beneficial to promote the development of baby’s nervous system. It is linked to the presence of the water-soluble vitamin B6, which is necessary for the development of the central nervous system of the baby. Then, it is advised to eating bananas in the first trimester of pregnancy to promote the baby’s brain and nerve development.

13. Promotes Breastfeeding

If you want to promote breastfeeding, then eating bananas can be a good way. It has minerals, vitamin C, and carbohydrates, those are very good for breastfeeding moms.

14. Prevents Edema

Edema is a condition of water retention in pregnant women in their the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy. The cause of this problem is the presence of hormone progesterone. It leads to the swelling of the ankles, feet and other joints. To deal with this one, you can have bananas which will help to reduce the swelling and water retention.

15. Treats Diarrhoea

Another treatment that can be helped by eating ripe bananas during pregnancy is to deal with diarrhea. It is known that pregnant women may suffer from this due to the weakened digestive tract. Thus, the presence of potassium and soluble fiber can help to condense stools and act as a thickener in the intestine. Then, it can help to treat diarrhea and alleviate intestinal cramps.

Now, you have known the benefits of eating ripe bananas during pregnancy. Then, you can have this fruit to promote pregnancy. In this case, you may need to consult your doctor about including bananas in your diet, especially if you are allergic or suffer from gestational diabetes. Then, you can make it into smoothies, pudding, oatmeal, pancake, and ice cream for sure. Thus, stay healthy there!