7 Health Benefits of Beluntas Leaves for Medical Treatment

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Beluntas leaves are small plants that can be found widely in places near coastal area. These leaves are wild plants that can grow easily without to be cultivated. They are generally used as effective herbal medicines.

Here are some health benefits of beluntas leaves for medical treatment:

1. To reduce soreness

Beluntas leaves can be used to ease soreness in our body. It is such a torment when we are dealing with the soreness. However, we can take beluntas leaves to relieve it. Just drink the decoction of beluntas leaves three times a day to reduce the pain.

2. To eliminate body odor

Having problem with body odor is surely disturbing and embarrassing. It is worse especially when we are socializing with others. The bad odor may trouble us. The people who are with us may question our personal hygiene and think that we are not good in taking care of our body. This might lead to destroy our self esteem. This problem, of course, apply to either women or men.

They are not confident when their body smells unpleasant. Nevertheless, we don’t need to be worried anymore since beluntas leaves are the solution to this problem. Take the decoction of beluntas
regularly to get rid of the smelly odor of the body.

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3.To control vaginal discharge

What’s more health benefits of beluntas leaves? These leaves that are commonly known as wild plants, are also widely used to treat vaginal discharge. The leaves can get rid of the vaginal discharge in fairly short time. Aside from that, beluntas leaves are also useful to relieve menstrual pain.

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4. To fight bad breath

Bad breath can be a problem for everyone, especially for those who often conversate with others. If we are experiencing this problem, it is suggested to drink the decoction of beluntas leaves. We can use the decoction as mouthwash to get rid the bad breath as well.

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5.To cure lower back pain

There are many people who are often having pain in their lower back. It is of course very disturbing if it
happens frequently. The decoction of beluntas leaves has a power to relieve the lower back pain. For some people, the pain will hinder them to do their daily activities. To overcome this, we can consume the decoction regularly. 

6. To treat rheumatism

Elderly people who are having rheumatic disorder can try to consume beluntas leaves’ decoction. It is
because not only it can relieve various type of sore, but also it can be used to treat the rheumatism.

7. To treat flatulence

Beluntas leaves can also be a solution when we are having flatulence. The discomfort that is caused by the excessive gas, would be gone by taking the decoction of beluntas leaves.

It is actually easy to obtain the beluntas leaves near coastal areas, because the beluntas leaves are wild
plants. Even though they grow wild in nature, their benefits to our body are not questionable. If we feel we are experiencing the 7 problems above, we can consume the leaves regularly until we feel better. Even so, doctor or medical expert’s supervision is needed when using these traditional herbs. Thus, that’s all health benefits of beluntas leaves!