8 Amazing Health Benefits of Rattan Fruit – Asian Rare Fruit

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Rattan fruit is one of fruit with high nutrition inside. From the outer appearance, some people said the skin of the fruit is like a snake skin because the texture of the skin in soft woody texture, overlapping layers, and have brown color.

As a nutritious fruits, this rattan fruit contain so many nutrition that can contribute to give the great impact toward health benefit to gain beneficial substances from fruits and vegetables. By consuming rattan fruit, body will get so much nutrition for example saturated fatty acid, carbohydrate, fiber, vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, vitamin B6, Calcium, iron, phosphor, magnesium , cooper, manganese, protein, amino acid like lysine tyrosine, cysteine, and many others.

Nutrients Value of Rattan Fruit

Rattan fruits contain 28 mg calcium, phosphoe 18 mg, and iron 4,2 mcg. Those things that conceived in rattan fruit, can be the great sources for fiber and mineral in human body. Because of that, rattan fruit can help diet program, and have side effect to decrease body’s weight.

Rattan fruits are good enough to be consumed by pregnant women, especially for young pregnant woman who feel morning sickness. Morning sickness can give the sensation of nausea and vomit, by that consuming rattan fruit can be one of the ways to decrease the symptoms.

Health Benefits of Rattan Fruit

List below showing how this rattan fruit give benefits for human’s health that people need to know about:

1. Health benefit of rattan fruit for diet serving menu

Rattan fruit has phyto nutrient that so beneficial for people whose in a diet program. Rattan fruits contain high fiber inside that can make people lose their weight because the fiber can give full sensation on someone’s stomach to postpone their feeling to of hungry and their intention to eat. Beside phyto nutrient, rattan fruit also contains 2 mg of vitamin C.

2. rattan fruit  have active substance that good to act as beauty product

There are many health benefits of rattan fruit beside act as antioxidant that can prevent early aging for women and he vitamin C inside rattan fruit can be so prominent to support the skin beauty to remove any kinds of free radical that may cause some wrinkles, those rattan fruits can be one of natural ways to remove wrinkles and natural remedies for any wrinkles, dark spot, and blemishes that can be the factors that make aging process become faster.

3. rattan fruit is good enough for human’s eyes

Beta carotene is a source of vitamin A that conceived in food, so it will be very good to maintain the health of eyes in order to cure myopia (eyes that feel difficult to see objects that far from the eyes). Beta carotene inside rattan fruit is 5 times more than what mango and watermelon have.

Beta carotene, tannins, and mineral can help people to have good digestive system, boost immune system to prevent human to get any infection disease.

4. rattan fruits to supply energy for brain

like other fruits, rattan fruit also very great to have a stable energy. One of vitamins that conceived by rattan fruit is vitamin a that can be so great to maintain the good vision of human’s eyes. Based on some surveys, rattan fruits can increase brain’s function that can bring potassium and pectin that can give the nutrition to nerve system (good to launch the blood to brain). 

5. Rattan fruits can cure anemia

rattan fruit is one of great fruits to cure anemia. Inside rattan fruit, there’s thiamine that can be so good to make the healthy body for pregnant woman. Iron substance becomes one of the key roles to produce red blood cell, as pregnant woman need red blood cell more than other since its aim to deliver oxygen from placenta to fetal.

Lack of oxygen can threaten the baby and pregnant woman. Iron can be maximally absorbed by the body with the presence of vitamin C. fortunately, rattan fruit is a complete package of fruit that not only contain mineral like zinc, iron, and cooper, but also contain vitamin and one of them is vitamin C. it can help absorption process of iron so it can contribute to increase hemoglobin and prevent anemia

6.Good for cardiac organ

Calcium inside the rattan fruits also good for the health of cardio, beside high calcium inside the blood that beneficial to keep the health of human’s bones, especially for pregnant woman, it’s also good to strengthen the bone of fetal. Calcium also needed for pregnant woman to prepare body for delivering the baby, having a strong and healthy energy inside the body.

7. to cure diarrhea

rattan fruit is well proven as a fruit that can cure diarrhea by consume it regularly, this fruit is not only can cure diarrhea, but also can erase the bacteria that grow in human’s body and cause diarrhea, so it’s more about a fruit that can be a preventive action to stop certain disease.

8. fight against cancer

Some people never know about the further effect by consuming rattan fruit, one of them is in order to prevent body from chronic and dangerous disease like cancer. The reason is because the substances in rattan fruit can help rebuild the damaged cell that can cause cancer in human. Thus, that’s all health benefits of rattan fruit.

The side effects of consuming too much rattan fruit

Even if rattan fruit is rich of nutrition that necessary for human body, rattan fruit also can create side effect for those who consume it too much

  1. can cause constipation. Normally, consuming rattan fruit can be 4 – 5 only, but if a person consume it more than 5 in a day, it may create one of the bad impact which is hard to defecate
  2. consume too much rattan fruit is not recommended for people with mag and colon infections. Because tannins that conceived in rattan fruit can make the condition of wounded colon getting worst because rattan fruit also one of the fruit that not really easy to be digested.

But it’s forbidden to consume it too much and need to be balanced with high protein sources like almond, peanut to have good nutrition.