16 Superb Benefits of Aak Leaves for Health That You Never Knew!

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Using herbal plants is a natural and very affordable way to treat a person’s health. Some of them are free, and easy to get. They are available out there, either grow wild or cultivated by farmer. Some of major herbal plants are native of Asia. One of them is aak plant, or in language of biology, called Calotropis.

Aak plant is commonly found in South Asia, especially India, and has been a part of herbal plant group called “ayurveda”. Its leaves is a common ingredient in many herbal products, for example, herbal tea, remedy, concoction, etc. It possesses healing properties and can be used to treat health problems. In diabetes treatment, aak is often used, as herbalists have said, they might have hypoglycemic effect.

There are more benefits you can get from this leaves. Mainly, it benefits health greatly. In this writing, you will get information you need about the benefits of aak leaves for health. Please note that this writing is for information purpose only. Before you decide to use this herbal leaves, it is recommended to consult with the experts to avoid unwanted conditions. You may as well check the chemical properties (written below), to confirm its safety. OK, here are some information :

Chemical Composition of Aak Leaves

It has been previously said that aak leaves is frequently used in herbal treatment. This is possible thanks to its chemical composition. According to analysts’ studies, an aak leaf contains cardiac glycosides, which is commonly used in heart medication. It also has fatty acids and calcium oxalate, which may benefit health treatment.

The rest of the leaves are no different from other leaves. It has similar composition. Although, certain amount of its extract can be poisonous. Aak leaves also gives allelophatic effects.

That’s some information about its chemical composition. Now, let’s talk about benefits of aak leaves for health :

1. Aak leaves can be used to treat diabetes

Thanks to its hypoglycemic effect, aak leaves can be used to heal diabetes (or to prevent it). It is said to decrease excess blood sugar level back to normal.

Aak leaves’ hypoglycemic effect may also useful againts other diseases and health problems (e.g. obesity, hypetension, health benefits of alpaca meat etc). It is best to consume it as herbal tea or you can follow tricks available in internet on how to use it for diabetes.

2. It is beneficial for weight loss

One of the best benefits of aak leaves for health. Having an ideal weight and body fat percentage will result in a fit body and better health overall. But, it’s always not easy to lose weight, because of many factors. You may need some assistant from herbs to control your food consumption. Using aak leaves may give you advantage.

Beside it’s being naturally fat free, it’s also control blood sugar amount. So, additionally it will prevent obesity. Don’t forget to check health benefits of kiwi for weight loss.  

3. Aak leaves can be used to treat asthma

Another benefits of aak leaves for health. Due to its potent bioactivity, and supportive chemical substance, people in India have used aak leaves to treat asthma symptoms. It reduces the inflammation in respiratory muscle, and open up some space in airways. To get maximum benefits for asthma, consume aak leaves as herbal tea. Combine it with honey if you want.

4. It helps prevent obesity

It is better to prevent obesity as early as possible. Obesity is a health condition where the person is overweight, and he may have excess blood sugar which eventually lead to diabetes, or heart diseases. This is however, still avoidable. By doing exercises regularly, eating healthy foods and consume aak leaves, health benefits of dumbbell exercises etc.

5. It protects againts free radicals

Another benefits of aak leaves for healt. As with any herbal plants, aak leaves also has antioxidants and antitoxin effect. Antioxidants eradicate free radicals in the body, negating cancer cell growth.

6. If applied externally, it can be a good skin treatment

Not only for consumption, but one of the benefits of aak leaves for health is its external use for damaged skin and benefits of red wine for skin health. According to its hystory, people used to make aak leaves into puree, and after that, applied it on wounded skin. This is useful if you have few bruises, you can make them disappear faster with aak leaves.

7. Aak leaves helps protect againts skin infection

Another benefits of aak leaves for health of skin. In some occassion, skin may infected by fungi or other microorganisms. It is more likely to happen in a low-hygiene places (e.g. public bathroom’s floor, polluted water, etc). If you have no choice and have to go to these places, you can prevent infection by applying aak leaves on suspected area of the skin. 

8. It helps stabilize blood circulation

That’s right. Aak leaves can help control blood pressure. This is particularly due to its chemical composition. Based on health experts, consuming aak leaves reduce the risk of hypertension or hypotension.

9. It helps cure gastrointestinal diseases

Aak leaves emphasizes its role as home remedy by helping digestion treatment. Sometimes, perception about herbal leaves can cure most digestive diseases (e.g. diarrhea, constipation, etc) is true. Furthermore, Aak leaves is said to be laxative, thereby it can ease the passing of stool through rectum.

10. It helps treat neurological disorders

Another excellent benefits of aak leaves for health. It contains certain substances, which based on researches, can help treat neurological disorders.

11. It can heal fever with ease

Well, a hot herbal tea with aak leaves as main ingredient can lower the body temperature, thus make fever recovery faster. It can be also be combined with ginger root in benefits of ginger root for colds and flu.

12. It helps treat elephantiasis

Aak leaves has been trusted to treat elephantiasis before modern medical method was found.

13. It is used in respiratory problem treatment

It’s true. Based on some researches, it provides assistance in healing of various respiratory diseases, not just asthma (e.g. bronchitis, inflammation, and so on so forth).

14. It helps treat nausea

As part of ayurveda, it is no wonder aak leaves can heal nausea.

15. It cures diarrhea

Most traditional herbal tea, including aak leaves, is believed to heal diarrhea in short time.

16. It can be used as antidote for venomous snake bites

Again, due to its bioactivity, aak leaves can be used as antidote for venomous snake bites.