5 Health Benefits of Turmeric for Weight Loss and Tips to Consume It the Right Way

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In this small world, we are blessed with so many things that can help us to feel alive and better. Those natural things provided directly to us are not the things to miss. They are highly beneficial to improve one’s health, like having the health benefits of Longjack for example.

Another thing that isn’t missable, a kind of spice that’s pretty common in tropical Asean countries, is Turmeric. Not only to make foods taste more delicious, turmerics are spices that also have various health benefits. You may already be familiar enough with the benefits of turmeric to relieve indigestion.

In addition to helping with digestive problems, turmeric also has other benefits that you may not have imagined before. Starting from reducing inflammation to the antidote for snake venom. Yes, you heard that right.

Many medicinal plants are recommended for treating snake bites. One of them is white turmeric.

White turmeric is effective in neutralizing the poison of snake bites because its extract works to inhibit the activity of snake venom in the blood. This in turn will reduce the effects of internal bleeding which can be fatal. A highly beneficial thing indeed, just like the Oruwo with its health benefits of Oruwo leaf.

But other than those incredible things, turmeric has another hidden secret. It also works to reduce your weight. Here’s how it works:

Turmeric for Weight Loss

Not only can you increase self-confidence, having an ideal body weight can prevent you from various health problems caused by obesity. But don’t worry, there are many ways you can do to get the ideal body weight, from exercising regularly, having a healthy diet to eating some natural foods that help you lose weight.

Having the health benefits of Jamun leaves is great. But for losing more weight, you certainly need something that is able to do it.

Have you ever heard that there’s Indonesian spices that can help you lose weight naturally? Yes, one of the spices that Indonesia produces is turmeric, and it can help the weight loss process.

Different from the Juniper Extract health benefits, generally, turmeric is known as a spice that gives a unique taste and natural coloring for foods. However, did you know that turmeric has many benefits that you can feel for your health, one of which can help you lose weight.

1. Rich of Antioxidants

Turmeric has a high content of antioxidants, which helps to treat health problems, such as stomach aches, metabolic disorders, and obesity. Then, how does turmeric help to lose weight? 

Turmeric is able to suppress the growth of fat tissue in the body. Fat tissue in the body is often associated with obesity.

Although turmeric can help to suppress the growth of fat tissue, weight loss cannot occur quickly. In addition to consuming turmeric, diet and intake of nutrients and vitamins also affect the weight loss process undertaken. Exercising regularly is also a must thing to do to achieve a desired body goal.

Also, while undergoing the lose weight process naturally with the help of turmeric, you must also avoid fatty foods and other meals that contain lots of sugar.

2. Increase Bile Production

Consuming turmeric regularly could help to increase the amount of Bile production. It can be found inside your stomach, helping the digestive system.

Increased amounts of Bile (also called digestive juice) may help to burn fat while increasing your metabolism. 

3. Preventing Insulin Resistance

Turmeric curcumin functions to suppress the inflammatory response in body cells, including pancreatic cells, fat and muscle. This reaction can help reduce insulin resistance, lower blood sugar levels, cholesterol and other metabolic disorders due to being overweight.

However, you can get the maximum benefits of turmeric if you combine it with tamarind. Because if it is consumed alone, turmeric is slowly absorbed into the blood but is broken down more quickly by the liver so that the body does not feel the useful benefits.

In the long term, drinking tamarind and turmeric can make the process to be more effective.

4. Controlling Blood Sugar Level

Different from Henna Leaf for hair growth, turmeric could help you to control your blood sugar level. If you have diabetes, it doesn’t hurt to try to use natural remedies to keep the blood sugar stable. One that you can try is turmeric. A review study published in 2013 shows curcumin can lower blood glucose levels.

Other research suggests that turmeric extract supplements help improve insulin function, stabilize blood sugar levels, and make diabetes symptoms easier to manage. This in turn helps lower the risk of diabetes-related complications caused by inflammation.

5. Relieve Belly Bloating

Exhausting gas (farting) is a sign that your digestion is fine, but what if it’s too much? This is a sign that something is certainly wrong with your stomach.

Curcumin helps the muscles of the digestive organs to keep moving smoothly as they should to reduce gas pressure in the stomach. Turmeric also helps the stomach to stop the production of excess acid which causes flatulence.

Ways to Consume Turmeric

There are some different ways to consume turmeric to make it more appealing.

1. Turmeric Tea

You can make tea with turmeric, with easy and simple steps. Boil a cup of water ( or two), and after it is done, add powder of turmeric in it.

To make the smell and taste more acceptable, you can also add cinnamon, in the form of stick or powder. Consume this delicious turmeric tea regularly.

2. Turmeric Milk

What if we combine milk and turmeric together? You can do that too. Make sure that you heat the milk, about 6 minutes. After it is all nice and warm, pour it into a cup or glass and add turmeric powder on top.