Unpredictable Juniper Extract Health Benefits for You

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Juniper extract health benefits or in Latinknown as Juniperus communis is a type of bush plant that is only found inEuropean countries. This plant has been identified since prehistoric times,even in Bulgaria has always been known as a good plant to maintain a healthybody from various types of diseases. In its use for health, juniper is usuallyprocessed in the form of extracts.

In Juniper contained compounds such aspolyphenols and flavonoids which are both antioxidants. There are also copper, benefitsof calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, chromium, potassium and selenium.Some vitamins also exist in juniper like vitamins B1, B2, B3 and also C. Withimportant substances as above, juniper has many health benefits for our bodies,including the following:

  • Relieve stress

It turns out that stress can also be triggeredby the presence of free radicals in the body. This type of stress is calledoxidative stress. Juniper content is rich in antioxidant compounds (there arearound 87 compounds) some of which can overcome free radicals that causeoxidative stress. Read more: healthrisks of stress

  • Good for digestion

Diuretic properties that exist in Juniperextract health benefits work well for cleaning toxins and impurities from thebody. The way it works is by increasing the intensity of urine removal whichcarries toxins in the body. So that your digestive system will be maintainedhealth. Or you can try healthbenefits of plum cakes

  • Caring for skin health

Rash and eczema problems can also be treatedwith Juniper Extract. However, it is better to be processed before removing theessential oil. This oil from Juniper Extract is used to treat skin problemsabove so your skin health.

  • Overcoming insomnia

If you have trouble sleeping, you can useJuniper Extract. The aroma contained in juniper extract has the function ofaromatherapy that makes your brain calm so you can sleep well. Or try benefitsof lemongrass for insomnia cure

  • Maintaining heart health

The antioxidant content that is rich injuniper has a good function to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. Thus,the cardiovascular system will be maintained health. Diseases such as highblood pressure or heart problems will not come. The diuretic function ofJuniper also works to reduce blood pressure.

  • As an anti-mosquito lotion

The rainy season is the season that we have tobe aware of because dengue outbreaks under mosquitoes often appear this season.The distinctive odor of juniper extract is very disliked by mosquitoes, so youcan mix it with a little water and serve as an anti-mosquito lotion.

But what you need to be aware of is the sideeffects of Juniper extract health benefits for certain people. One of them isthe existence of side effects such as irritating the kidneys and is alsoconsidered inappropriate for women who are pregnant. This is because junipercan stimulate contractions in the muscles.