8 Orthosiphon Aristatus Health Benefits You Never Know

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Orthosiphon Aristatus or what Indonesian known as kumis kucing is  a plant species in the family of Lamiaceae / Labiatae. It is originally from Afrika. However, we may find it in Asia continent and Australia continent as well. This plant is not easily harmed by pests.

Reason why it is called as cat’s whisker is because its flower resembles cat whisker. Orthosiphon Aristatus are famous as decorative plants or hedgerows as well. This plant is mostly used as the basic material in making herbal medicine process by Indonesian. You might want to read Medical Plants and Their Benefits .

In medical world, Orthosiphon Aristatus is effective in healing any kinds of diseases. Here are the Orthosiphon Aristatus Health Benefits.

Nutrients of Orthosiphon Aristatus

Research shows that Orthosiphon Aristatus are rich of these contents:

  • flavonoid,
  • calium,
  • rosmarinic acid,
  • Eupatorin,
  • Sinensetin,
  • tangeritine and
  • caffeic acid.
  1. Treat back pain

By consuming a decoction of leaves boiled in water, back pain will diminished slowly. In addition, do some simple exercises; such as, jogging. Read also Benefits of Exercise for Mental Health

2. Facilitate urination

Orthosiphon Aristatus is proved good in facilitating urination especially for the elders. Almost all elderly have trouble with weak urine stream, and starting urination. Consuming Orthosiphon Aristatus might be a good solution.

3. Decrease high blood pressure

High blood pressure mostly caused by unhealthy lifestyle and irregular dietary habits. Avoid food high in salt or fat. To bring back your normal level of blood pressure, consuming decoction of leaves boiled in water everyday might be effective. You might be aware of Symptoms of High Blood Pressure.

4. Cure rheumatism and joint inflammation

Orthosiphon Aristatus is high in calcium; therefore, it is much better to consume it to cure rheumatism and joint inflammation. Rheumatism may be caused by immunity problem that attacks joint tissue. It affects our cartilage and caused the pain. Rheumatism may be healed traditionally or medically.

5. Treat syphilis

The disease that attacks genital organs usually caused by bacteria or germs that may be transmitted while having sex or because of multiple sexual partners. Syphilis may cause pain on genital organs. To heal syphilis with Orthosiphon Aristatus, drink a decoction of leaves boiled in water minimum one to two times a day.

6. Medicine for uric acid

Most people underestimate uric acid and ignore it when they feel the symptoms. However, do you know that it might be a threat for you? Never ignore it until you suffer from a serious complication. Some of the sufferers had to be operated to save their life.

Unfortunately, nowadays people still rely on medicine to diminish the pain. I suggest that you treat it traditionally since it will be more healthy for you. Orthosiphon Aristatus might be a best solution. You just need to boil it in hot water and drink the decoction water while warm.

7. Good for allergies

Allergies occured caused by weak immune system. Drinking Orthosiphon Aristatus decoction water might be good to shush allergies away.

8. Diabetic

Orthosiphon Aristatus will decrease sugar level in our blood and helping insulins in controlling it. Read also Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes for Diabetics

Side effect of Orthosiphon Aristatus

Consuming Orthosiphon Aristatus in a high amount over the relevant dosage might cause stomachache, respiratory problem, low blood pressure, allergic. Meanwhile, it is better to avoid consuming it while pregnancy. Calium found in it is the main problem for pregnant lady. Read also Health Benefits of Malay Apple For Pregnant Woman

Those are Orthosiphon Aristatus Health Benefits. From this information, the main point is even a traditional plant has tons of benefits for us. Consuming naturally food is better than the artificial ones. Besides being healthy, it tastes better of course. Happy reading and keep healthy!!!