20 Medical Plants and Their Benefits You Should Grow in Your Garden

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Instead of growing something which is useless perhaps considering growing medical plants in your home yard may bring you more benefits to your health. However, most people though when it comes to herbal plants with medical properties, those plants are only in the form of bushes or green leaves. Well, do you know that some beautiful flower plants are also containing amazing medical properties? Below is the list of flowers which are also medical plants and their benefits you should grow in your home yard.

  1. Lavender

When it comes to flowering plant with medical properties, lavender is probably the most popular one. The purple flower and its aromatic fragrance are they reasons why this medical plant are so well known as flower plants with calming and relaxing properties. The health benefits are including the health benefits of lavender for skin, pain relief, improve blood circulation and work as aromatherapy.

  1. Turmeric

For some people turmeric is well known for its yellow root but the fact is, if you plant turmeric in your garden not only the health benefits of turmeric you could get but also the unique appearance of its flower. Turmeric flower is edible while the leaves were used to cover for barbecue to eliminate the odor. It means, all parts of turmeric are very useful and contains potent medical properties to treat conditions like diabetes, inflammation, cancer up to prevent Alzheimer.

  1. Dandelion

You must be surprised that dandelion is not only well known as beautiful flowering plant but it is also well known as tonic used to treat liver problems. Some studies stated that tonic made from dandelion extract could act as detoxification to human liver to improve its function as well as eliminate all the harmful properties. Furthermore, not only the flower that is beneficial but the incredible health benefits of dandelion leaves as well as its root may make up your mind to add this flower to your already beautiful herbal garden.

  1. California Poppy

The main reason why people grow the bright yellow California poppy is for the sake of its beautiful flower the bright yellow and orange color of the flower is going to make the look of your herbal garden more colorful. Not everyone knows the potent medical properties hidden in its beautiful and delicate appearance. The tea made from California poppy could be used to relief anxiety, tension and nervousness. The decoction made from this flower may have stronger effect and has been proven to be effective as pain relief.

  1. Blood Flower

Blood flower is probably not really popular as back yard flowering plants but this flower is quite popular among hikers. It is because this flower is quite easy to grow in the wild; the flower contains toxic sap that could be used as emetic to hikers who are accidentally eating poisonous berries or something. Some research studies also showed that this flowering plant contains properties that could be used as heart stimulant. Due to its toxic content, is better to plant in the garden but protected from children.

  1. Red Clover

One of the main reasons why you should grow red clover in your home yard is due to its medical properties that could be used as home remedy to coughs and colds however the beautiful color of the flower will improve the look of your garden as well. Those two conditions are not fatal but could be really annoying. Before you could meet your doctor, consuming tea made from red clover may help you relieving the symptoms. Further studies about red clover also said that this flowering plants could act as natural blood cleanser and detoxifier.

  1. Feverfew

The beauty of the flower is nothing when compared to the list of benefits of feverfew. This flowering plant has been well known as potent pain reliever when you have no pain killer in hand. As home remedy, feverfew could be used to relief migraine and headache. It is not only a myth but has been proven scientifically. The anti-inflammatory properties found in feverfew considered to be potent to treat arthritis and rheumatism. It could be used as first aid to bruises as well.

  1. Sweet Violet

Do you love tea with medical properties? Sweet violet is one of the flower plants you should grow in your garden. As home remedy and herbal health solution, sweet violet could be made into tea to treat headache and even muscle pain. There is no better way to treat headache and muscle pain but a cup of sweet violet tea after a very long day at work.

  1. Calendula

If you love your garden you should know that insect bites are probably the most common thing that may occur around your house. Well, there is nothing to worry about as long as the deep-orange flower of calendula is currently blossom in your garden. Just pick one flower and rub it to the area bitten by the insects, magically both pain and the swelling will reduce significantly.

  1. Chamomile

What do you know about health benefits of iced tea made from chamomile? Well, this beverage is not only refreshing but the unique aroma of chamomile could act as potent stress relief. The beautiful look of chamomile flower may add plus point to your herbal garden but the best gem of this flowering plant is actually its potent properties to help treating colic in children and stomach disorders. So whenever you need a cup of chamomile tea, you always have it ready in stock.

  1. Echinacea

The beautiful flower of Echinacea is actually not the only reasons why you should grow this beautiful flower in your garden but also because this flower contains a lot of medicinal properties excellent for home remedy. The best thing about this flower plant is when it combines with aloe vera, the mixture could treat sun burn in much effective way compared to any ointment you found in drugstore. It is because Echinacea contains potent antibacterial and antiviral properties that could help promoting better immunity system.

  1. Tea Tree

Tea tree is originated from Australia and for over centuries, this flowering plants has been used as the Aborigines as part of their important traditional herbs. As one of the well known essential oil you must have known the health benefits of tea tree oil on skin but it is not the one benefits of tea tree. The Aborigines have been using tea tree young leaves to treat headache just by simply chewing them. Furthermore, the antifungal and antibacterial properties found in this flowering plant are excellent solution as natural immunity booster.

  1. Milk Thistle

The unique appearance of milk thistle may be the main reasons why a lot of people are growing this plant in their garden but the fact is this flowering plant has been proven to be effective anti-cancer due to some powerful anti-oxidant properties found in the flower. Furthermore, there are some studies that showed how good this flower for your liver is. However, it is better to plant it as far away from children.

  1. Burdock

The amazing thing that burdock could do to you is more than giving your garden an exotic look but because this flowering plants are beneficial for your digestive system as well as your liver. It is because burdock is rich of fiber and it makes delicious mixture to your healthy green salad. Some people are taking advantages of the health benefits of burdock root as well which an excellent and natural solution to hypertension is.

  1. Valerian

The recent studies stated that valerian is probably one of the most powerful herbal plants with effective sedative properties. The tea made from valerian could be used as home remedy for those who have trouble sleeping. In modern medical world, the health practitioners are taking advantages of the valerian root benefits and this plant has been used as part of anxiety therapy for patients with emotional stress problems.

  1. Marshmallow

It is true that the health benefits of marshmallow root is the reasons why people deciding to add this herbal plants to their garden. However, the beautiful appearance of the flower may add the beauty to your already beautiful back yard garden. Marshmallow is great expectorant and traditionally used as home remedy to treat cough and sore throat while its antibacterial properties could prevent further infection caused by bacterial factors. though right now you are no longer need this plant to make marshmallow but growing it in your garden is still worth it.

  1. Passion Flower

Based on some scientific animal studies, passion flower is very effective to treat anxiety. Symptoms of depression is having no face and mostly unpredictable, that’s why if there is solution as simple as passion flower in your back yard to help relieving the symptoms may save you a lot. If you have trouble sleeping, just making a cup of herbal tea made from passion flower may help you having a restful sleep. Furthermore, the unique appearance of this flower will have a lot of contribution to the look of your garden.

  1. Comfrey

A lot of people are falling in love with the beautiful appearance of comfrey’s purple flower in the form of little bells, the first sight is nothing to compare to the benefits of this little flower and some of them have been proven scientifically. This flowering plant is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties but there is one thing you should know about this flower is, no matter how tempting the look of flower is, don’t brew it into a cup of tea because it is for external use only

  1. Flaxseed

Those who are currently looking for solution to healthy diet, the combination of omega-3 fatty acid and fiber found in flaxseed is probably the solution you have been looking for and there are a lot of people have been proven the health benefits of drinking flaxseed oil. Furthermore, the blue color of the flower of this herbal plants will add plus point to your beautiful herbal garden because blue is not common color found in flowers but this flower will improve the look of your garden significantly.

  1. Java Tea

The botanical name of java tea is Orthosiphon aristus. It is one of the popular Asian herbs originated from Indonesia. Due to its unique appearance, the locals call it Kumis Kucing. Java tea has potent medical properties that could help those with urination conditions from kidney stone up to urethra infection. This medical plants will become an exotic addition to your herbal garden because not only its medical properties that are amazing but the look is quite strange but unique.

Those flowering plants are not only giving you a long list of flowers with medical properties but they will make your garden exotically beautiful with their colorful petals, unique appearances and exotic looks. Actually the list of medical plants and their benefits may longer than that but those 19 flowering plants are on the top of the list since they are quite easy to plant and most of them could grow in any climate conditions.