7 Unexpected Health Benefits of Sonchus Arvensis

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For those who may not familiar about Sonchus Arvensis will not know the health benefit that this plant offers. In Indonesia, it is called daun tempuyung. It is a field milk thistle. It usually exists in northern part of Europe and would cause substantial yield losses. It is helpful as a herbal medicine.

This plant had been used in medical world for a long time ago. You might be curious about the beneficial of this plant. Here are the health benefits of Sonchus Arvensis. Read also Medical Plants and Their Benefits

Nutrients of Sonchus Arvensis 

Here are the list of nutrients that it contains. Sonchus Arvensis contains many natural sources that is good for bod, such as: amino acids, lipids, polymeric hydrocarbons, polyphenols, protein; alpha- and beta- amyrins, lupeol, pseudotaraxasterol, taraxasterol. The latex contains manni- tol, alpha-and beta-lactucerols.

While the fruits part contain ceryl alcohol, choline, palmitic, tartaric and stearic acids. You might also interested in Health Benefits of Folic Acids

  1. Illuminate kidney stone

Since Sonchus Arvensis contains amazing amount of calium, therefore, kidney stones could be elaborated. Calium reacts by elaborating calcium carbonate and mix itself with other substances found inside the kidney stone. This caused the stone to be easily damaged and dissolved by urine. For more information, you should know  Symptoms of Kidney Stones

2. Reduce uric acid level

It works the same as how it dissolved the kidney stones. This plant has the ability to dissolved urate crystal as well. Patient suffered from uric acid might feel pain in their joint since urate crystal settles inside their blood vessels. Therefore, the role of this plant is to push the uric acid out through urine.

Consuming Sonchus Arvensis for a long time might also prevent the formation of an enzym which may increase the level of uric acid.

3. Antitumor and anticancer

Sonchus Arvensis is rich in antioxidant. Flavonoid which contained by this plant also plays a big role in preventing tumor or cancer in existing. It prevents the formation of free radical inside our body. Find out the Benefits of Soursop for Cancer Treatments

4. Anti inflammation

Sonchus Arvensis is the best when it comes to cure inflammation; such as, elcer or hemorrhoids. The easiest way to cure inflammation is by consuming the water that used to boil Sonchus Arvensis. If you would like to cure hemorrhoids, just simply, paste the Sonchus Arvensis that had been pounded onto the rectum.

5. Prevent hypertension

Hypertension could be controlled by consuming Sonchus Arvensis. Hypertention might occur because of stress, genetic factor, uncontrollable salt consumption and unhealthy lifestyle. For more effective result, eat Sonchus Arvensis as a side dish for three times a day. Read also Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

6. Partial Hearing Loss

The cause of hearing loss is varied. It may cause by infection, trauma or so on. This problem could be overcame by dripping some drops of water that used to boil Sonchus Arvensis. Be careful not to drop it directly when the temperature of the water is still hot. Do it slowly when the temperature of the water had decreased.

7. Bruise or burn

If you suffered burn from cigarette butt or charcoal. It is better to cure it with Sonchus Arvensis that had been pounded.  Simply paste it to the burnt part. Bruise caused by beatings or falling will effectively treated by this plant. Pounded it until smooth and squeeze until you gain the water from it. Use the water as a compress and its waste to wrap the wounded part.

Those are the health benefits of Sonchus Arvensis. Well, some of you might be amazed by the usage of this plant and some of you might wonder whether it is truly effective or it is just a rumor. To prove it, you may try to use it. Besides, some researches and study had proven that it is healthily beneficial to us. Hope that this information might be useful to you. Stay healthy!