7 Mimulus Guttatus Medicinal Uses (#1 Fear Treatment)

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mimulus guttatusThe herbal treatment has been famous for centuries as their ability can heal various diseases. Taking one of the examples out there, a herbal tea made from the root decoction can treat a headache, soreness, and even cancer.

Indeed, the nutrient content behind them works well in the body to promote the body functions for sure. Besides, the earth has provided numerous herbal plant that can be used for the best natural treatment. So, why not counting on it?

At this point, we will talk about the herbal plant you may never have heard before. Do you know what Mimulus Guttatus is? It turns out this is a kind of wildflower grown along the banks of streams and seeps in western North America.

Moreover, it can be found in the splash zone of the Pacific Ocean, the geysers of Yellowstone National Park, and the alpine meadows. Moreover, this yellow bee-pollinated flower known as Monkey Flower as well. It has yellow-gold flowers and it is snapdragon-shaped. Also, it can be grown 10 to 80 cm tall with the flowering period between June and August end.

Talking about this herbal plant, it is known that Mimulus guttatus can be used for the medical treatment, thus if you want to know the mimulus guttatus medicinal uses, then you can check for the information below.

1. Acts as Anti-Inflammatory

You may have known that fruits and vegetables are the sources of anti-inflammatory properties. The content of their nutrient can help to prevent body inflammation and the infection as well. Moreover, it takes part to prevent the free radicals damage and certain diseases including cancer.

In this case, you may never imagine before that mimulus guttatus has the content of anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, it may be beneficial to prevent diseases and create the body protection. You can also check on Health Benefits of Arnica

2. Treats Back Soreness

Next, one of the great mimulus guttatus medicinal uses is to treat back soreness. It is known that the decoction of the leaves and the stems can be used for herbal bath. As a result, the herbal bath can be the treatment of the chest and back soreness. Indeed, the herbal plant has shown its effectiveness to cure certain health problems. Then, as mimulus guttatus offers the great benefits, then why don’t you try it?

3. Cures Wounds

The next mimulus guttatus benefit is to cure wounds. If you have scratches or wounds on your skin, the having a poultice of its crushed leaves can heal the wounds. Such the great benefit, right? You can also check on List of Herbs and Health Benefits for Home Remedy

4. Heals Feeling of Fear

It is known that Mimulus guttatus is the remedy for uplifting the mood. It is due to the ability of it to heal the feeling of fear. Indeed, it has been the medical treatment to make the body and mind calm. It can prevent types of fears such as fear of poverty, fear of pain, and fear of something out there.

This herbal treatment can be great to reduce the risk of stress and depression as well. Hence, if you face the feeling of fear, then having mimulus guttatus for the consumption is something that should be taken into account. 

5. Prevents Depression

As explained before, mimulus guttatus have a role in treating the feeling of fear and depression. As a result, another way to treat depression is by having mimulus guttatus and lemon balm to treat mild or seasonal depression. The combination of that herb can bring the positive energy and mood as well.

Not only for that, combining mimulus guitars with Evening primrose can affect the lifting mood and prevent stress. What is even greater from this decoction is its ability to treat depression from gastric causes. Amazing, isn’t it? You can also check on Symptoms of Depression

6. Prevents Anxiety

Next, one of mimulus guttatus medicinal uses is to treat anxiety. At this point, having mimulus guttatus together with Golden Smoke (Corydalis aurea) and California Poppy can actually treat the anxiety and nerve pain. Also, Milky Oats with mimulus guttatus take parts in treating the feeling of anxiousness as well.

Besides, you can have another option as you can combine mimulus guttatus with St John’s Wort as a mood lifter. Therefore, if you suffer from anxiety, then it is such a great way to have the combination of those herbs for sure. You can also check on  Health Benefits of Oil Massage

7. Treats Headache

If you suffer from a headache, you may need to drink a tea with honey or simply take an aspirin. At this point, it turns out that mimulus guttatus can be valuable to treat a headache. This herbal plant can be mixed with Vervain to treat a headache and moodiness.

Hence, mimulus guttatus has provided its medical treatment and now it is your choice whether you want to pick this herb for the consumption or not. A note to remember, a herbal treatment is such the great way to heal certain health problems! You can also check on Best Benefits of Bathing Before Going to Bed

After knowing the mimulus guttatus benefits, then check the tips of consuming mimulus guttatus below.

Tips for Consuming Mimulus Guttatus

  • For the consumption tips, you can eat the mimulus guttatus leaves. In this case, it can be eaten raw or cooked.
  • Then, you can add it to your salads and the leaves can be used as a lettuce substitute.
  • Also, before starting to add mimulus guttatus for consumption, it is advised to talk to the doctor first. Also, if you suffer from the allergic reaction after consuming mimulus guttatus, then it is a wise way to stop the consumption and go to your doctor.

To summarize, there are kinds of herbal plant that is beneficial to be a natural treatment. In this article, you have read the mimulus guttatus medicinal uses. This one can be effective to treat stress, depression, anxiety, and the feeling of fear. Thus, if you face one of those health problems, taking mimulus guttatus in a right and moderate way can help you then. So, stay healthy there!