10 Amazing Health Benefits of Shoeblackplant

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shoeblackplantShoeblackplant is one type of plant that is usually grown in the yard. Beautiful colors and shapes make many people plant it as an ornamental plant. This flower has a variety of colors depending on the type. Some are red, white, and orange. In addition to using for ornamental plants, this flower can also be used as a traditional medicine. Part of the plant that is usually used as a traditional medicine is flowers, leaves, and also roots.

Many people who do not know the health benefits of shoeblackplant for the health of the body. In this plant, there are several useful nutritional contents such as:

  • Hibisetin
  • Calcium-oxalate
  • Peroxidase
  • Fat
  • Protein

Based on the above chemical content, this plant can provide several benefits as follows:

  1. Reduce heat

Deep heat experienced by anyone. Children to adulthood may suffer from heartburn. If not treated immediately, it will cause other health problems. In children, too high body temperature can cause seizures or epilepsy. So it takes the right handling. The trick is to use the roots of this plant which is boiled and then drunk.

  1. Relieves a cough

This plant has also long been used as a powerful cough medicine. You do not need chemicals if coughs come. Simply by making a herbal concoction of this shoeblackplant. The trick is to boil the leaves and then drink. Related article: health benefits of rowse honey

  1. Treating canker sores

Thrush is often caused due to lack of vitamin C. although there are some diseases that initial symptoms are canker sores that never healed. To cope with canker sores, need to consume foods high in vitamin C. In addition, it can also boil the leaves of this plant and then drink.

  1. For bronchitis drugs

Bronchitis is one of the diseases that attack the bronchus. Thus causing disruption of the respiratory tract leading to the lungs. In addition, to consult a doctor, bronchitis can also be cured the traditional way. Namely by boiling the flower for 15 minutes, then drink it.

  1. As a drug gonorrhea

Another disease that can be cured by this traditional medicine is gonorrhea. Gonorrhea is gonorrhea that should get immediate treatment. Use the flowers on this plant as a medicine in health benefits annatto seeds. By boiling it for 15 minutes then let stand for one night. The next day, drink this herb.

  1. Relieves headaches

Natural ingredients in this plant are often used as a medicine to relieve headaches. Just need some leaves from this plant then boiled up to half an hour. drink it.

  1. Overcoming Mumps

Mumps not only makes the body uncomfortable. But it also makes the appearance worse than usual. Mumps is usually caused by a lack of iodine intake obtained from salt and some nutritious foods. However, if you are already exposed to goiter, make a traditional medicine from the flowers of this plant or health benefits of banana flower. Boil then compress on the affected part.

  1. As detoxification

Toxins are often left in the body. Toxins that are not cleaned regularly can cause various diseases that threaten the health of the body. You need to eat nutritious food and drink enough water to clean up the remaining toxins in the body. In addition, you can also use traditional medicine from this flower. Therefore, this plant contains high antioxidants.

  1. Maintain healthy skin

Maintaining skin health does not need to cost a lot. You can use traditional, more natural and safe way to the body. This flower has a natural oil content that is good for maintaining skin health. Squeeze the flowers then apply on face or neck. This method can remove dead skin cells and also dirt that attaches to the skin.

  1. Lose weight

One of the difficulties often experienced by people who are obese is a way to lose weight. If you belong to one of these people, do not worry. Because you can lose weight with shoeblackplant.

How to use

You can consume this plant in the form that has been dried or directly boil the part of the plant. Both ways have the same properties as traditional medicine.


Because the health benefits of shoeblackplant are used as a traditional medicine, you should also exercise health control to your doctor. To know the progress of your illness and also to prevent the occurrence of more serious problems.