10 Secret Sunflower Oil Benefits For Hair Health and Beauty Treatment

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The sunflower oil benefits for hair health has been known very good. Therefore, it is one of the selected natural treatment by many woman. Furthermore, it also available in some hair clinic to deal with several hair problems. However, there are several other treatments that also similar. This make the sunflower oil treatment may not be the first preference and not too famous compare with other similar treatments.

Sunflower oil can produce from sunflower seeds through homemade. However, for practicability, there are many sunflower oil products sell in the market. This is very easy and simple for those who has no time to make the homemade oil from the sunflower seeds. But if have several spare hours on weekend, making the homemade oil from the sunflower can be quite easy. Follow below steps for making the homemade oil:

  • Prepare the ingredients, including some sunflower seeds, roasted pan, and strainer.
  • To make the homemade oil, easily blend the sunflower seeds. Do this for a few minutes until the seeds quite soft and dusty.
  • Then, started to roasted the blended sunflower seeds for several minutes. Preheat up to 300deg F and stir every around 10 minutes.
  • Collect the oil from this process and put on the container.
  • Repeat this step until all the oil collected, then put in a freezer.
  • The sunflower oil is ready to use and can last for a month.

If plan to use the oil for hair treatment, there are several ways to do it. Below are the list to apply this oil on the hair at least once in a week:

  • Clean the hair first and dry it.
  • Put some sunflower oil in the hair scalp and rub it gently with soft massage.
  • Make sure to do the massage for several second to get the oil absorbed into the scalp.
  • Repeat this way in other parts of the hair.
  • Let the oil absorbed for about 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Rinse the hair with less shampoo and dry it. The result can be seen in sudden, for several cases it can bring result after several months of using.

As mention before, there are several sunflower oil benefits for hair health. Therefore, many people making the homemade oil to treat the hair at least once in a week. For further result of the benefit, see below list of advantages of using the sunflower oil for the hair treatment.

1. Smooth Hair

The oil can help to make a smooth hair condition. Therefore, it is good for the bad hair that difficult to arrange. Furthermore, it can be a natural way to smooth the frizzy hair. This is the same health benefits of mango essential oil that can help to produce a smooth hair too.

2. Moisture The Scalp

Another advantage of using the sunflower oil extract is to moisture the condition of the scalp. Therefore, it can be a good way to avoid the possibility of getting dryness in the scalp. Furthermore, it will lead to more healthy scalp condition and bring a better hair root condition.

3. Avoid Dandruff

Another sunflower oil benefits for hair health is to avoid the possibility of getting dandruff. It has been known that the dandruff can produce itchiness into the scalp. Therefore, using the oil will help to reduce the itchiness and make a balance oil in the scalp. This is the same benefits of curry leaves for dandruff that can help to avoid dandruff appearance too.

4. Avoid Hair Loss

The benefit of using the sunflower seeds oil also to avoid the possibility of getting more hair loss. Mainly for elderly that become loosing their health due to the age. Therefore, by making the treatment regularly, it can help to keep the hair volume and reduce the percentage of the hair loss.

5. Treat Damage Hair

The advantage of this oil including to work on damage hair treatment. Therefore, it can be a natural solutions to deal with the damage hair root or even bad hair condition. This is the same benefits of avocado leaves for hair that can help to fix the damage hair too.

6. Avoid Brittle

The oil also good to avoid the brittle hair too. Therefore, it can help to maintain the hair strength not to easily broke and make sure to develop a further better hair growth.

7. Maintain Hair Color

Using the sunflower oil also god to maintain the hair color. Therefore, it can be a good treatment to avoid UV effects on the hair that mostly will reduce the hair pigment. This is the same benefits flax seeds skin hair that can help to maintain hair color too.

8. Balance PH

The oil also will help to balance the scalp PH. This is mostly deal with many hair problems. Therefore, it can help to moisture the hair skin condition. 

9. Shiny Hair

The sunflower oil also a good treatment to bring a shiny hair. It can make the hair look beauty and healthy too. This is the same pumpkin seeds benefits for hair that can help to bring a shiny hair too.

10. Fasten Hair Grow

Using the oil also can produce a fasten hair growth. Therefore, it is suitable for those who wants to grow hair in fasten way.

Cautions And Recommendation

The sunflower seeds known very good for hair. However, there are several point of recommendation when doing this treatment frequently. Therefore, make sure to read below lists first before decide to treat the hair using this oil:

  • Avoid to use the oil if experience allergically symptoms such as itchiness, redness hair skin and any other typical or similar symptoms.
  • Make sure to cleanse the hair after use it to avoid further uncomforted scalp condition.
  • Avoid mixture the oil with other treatment as it might not bring the best result.
  • Avoid doing the treatment everyday as it might make the hair more oily than it should be.

Those all the sunflower oil benefits for hair health. The various benefits of this oil for the hair making this natural treatment can be one of the exact consideration. Rather than use chemical treatment, a natural treatment may be better and bring less side effects.

However, for those who has several allergically symptoms, it is better to avoid the treatment and replace with other similar natural treatment that bring the same result and less side effects.