Hidden Benefits of Yakult during Pregnancy Each Mother Should Know

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Yakult is not only healthy but also tasty. The unique flavor of probiotic drink like Yakult is very refreshing during pregnancy especially when morning sickness is attacking or constipation becomes super annoying. However, the next question, what the benefits of Yakult during pregnancy are or whether this probiotic drink is safe for mothers during pregnancy?

What Is Yakult?

Yakult is a popular brand but not everyone knows what Yakult really is. Yakult is probiotic drink which in one bottle of Yakult contains more than 6.5 billion of good bacteria well known as Lactobacillus casei. These good bacteria are normally living in the intestine to help the digestive system functioning optimally. Unfortunately, inside the intestine there are also ‘bad’ bacteria and the main function of ‘good’ bacteria is suppressing the growth of ‘bad’ bacteria.

Nutritional Value of Yakult for Pregnant Mother

So, is probiotic drink like Yakult is safe or not for pregnant mothers? During pregnancy, constipation could be super annoying and drinking Yakult is the shortcut to deal with constipation. However, do you know that there are more benefits of Yakult during pregnancy that every mother should know? The list below will tell you more about this healthy and tasty probiotic drink.

  1. Solution to Constipation

During pregnancy, constipation is the common discomfort suffered by mothers. However, though it is a common case, discomfort could be super annoying. That is why, consuming Yakult as probiotic drink is highly recommended as the solution to constipation. The ‘good’ bacteria of Yakult will help smoothing the movement inside the intestines and the effect is amazing for constipation. Though there is no specific case of consuming Yakult during pregnancy could affect the pregnancy, but proper amount is important because too much probiotic could be harmful as well.

  1. Prevents Flatulent

Flatulence is another digestive problem commonly suffered by mothers during pregnancy. The symptoms of flatulent are when you feel nauseated and bloated stomach. The common factors that cause flatulent are consuming too much fatty foods and hot foods in large quantity. During pregnancy, the growing of fetus inside the intestine will make mothers feel full all the time because the womb will press the intestines and cause the effect like flatulent. Drinking Yakult which is probiotic drink could help reducing the effect.

  1. No Food Preservative

Food preservative could be fatal for those who are sensitive and during pregnancy mothers should avoid consuming foods that contain food preservative. Food preservative could affect the fetus in more negative way, though the mothers are not sensitive to food preservative. However, Yakult is containing no food preservative. If you are looking for healthy beverage that safe for mothers during pregnancy, Yakult is the best option because it is not only tasty but also super healthy.

  1. Prevents Gestational Diabetes

During pregnancy, gestational diabetes is one of the types of diabetes commonly attack the mothers. Though after pregnancy the diabetes may go but still, preventing it in the first place is important. Unhealthy diet could lead to gestational diabetes during pregnancy but consuming probiotic drink like Yakult may help reducing the risk or even preventing it at all cost. So, you don’t need to worry about adding Yakult to your daily diet during pregnancy.

  1. Natural Solution to Manage Cholesterol

One of the reasons why Yakult is on the top of the list of foods that lower the cholesterol level is because this probiotic drink is rich of fiber. Fiber will help eliminating the ‘bad’ cholesterol by binding them and washing them off the system. If you know the health risk of high levels of saturated fat and cholesterol, the risk could be doubled if suffered by mothers during pregnancy, because it could lead to more complex cardiovascular diseases, including high blood pressure and heart diseases.

  1. Reduces the Risk of Preeclampsia

Preeclampsia occurs when the symptoms of high blood pressure becomes uncontrollable. When you are not pregnant, consuming drugs is the shortcut to prevent the worst effect but during pregnancy, the solution is not as easy as consuming drugs. The drugs could give negative effect to the fetus and when you are expecting, preeclampsia could be really fatal for both mother and the baby. That’s why the only solution is through SC procedure because normal or spontaneous labor could lead to severe bleeding.

  1. Decreases Toxin

The high number of ‘bad’ bacteria inside the intestine could be toxic for your body metabolism. It means, you should force your kidney to work super hard to eliminate the toxic materials inside the intestine. However, when you are consuming Yakult regularly, the ‘good’ bacteria will directly kill the ‘bad’ bacteria inside the intestine, to decrease the number of toxic materials that should be processed by the kidney.

  1. Improve Immunity System

From the previous point, the decreasing of toxic materials inside the body will significantly improve the immunity system. During pregnancy, mothers should always in the fit condition because even the lightest flu could affect the fetus significantly and reduce the immune system significantly. That is why finding out solution to always maintain the immune system is highly recommended and consuming Yakult regularly could help in this matter.

  1. Prevents Diarrhea

There is no easy way of how to prevent diarrhea, especially during pregnancy. The main factor that causes diarrhea is bacteria. The only effective way to fight diarrhea is by consuming antibiotic. During pregnancy, consuming antibiotic is strictly forbidden because could affect the fetus significantly. One of the health benefits of Yakult as probiotic drink is, this beverage could act as non-antibiotic solution to fight or prevent diarrhea because Lactobacillus is ‘good’ bacteria with ability to kill the ‘bad’ bacteria.

  1. Excellent Weight Management

Weight gain during pregnancy is normal but when the weight gain becomes uncontrollable and could lead to obesity, the effect could be super fatal. Maintaining and having excellent weight management is essential during pregnancy. Mothers should make sure to eat healthy foods often to ensure the baby inside the womb is getting enough nutrients. By consuming Yakult, mothers could eat whenever they want, without worrying about uncontrollable weight gain because Yakult could help maintaining it by improving the nutrients absorption and preventing the accumulation of excessive fat cells.

Cautions of Drinking Yakult

Well, aside from the benefits of Yakult there are some cautions you should aware also especially when you are drinking it during pregnancy.

  • If you are allergic to dairy products, avoiding drinking Yakult is a must because Yakult is made from fermented milk and milk is among the top list of dairy product.
  • Consuming Yakult during pregnancy should follow the recommended dosage. The recommended dosage is drinking only two bottle of Yakult per day. Too much probiotic drink during pregnancy could cause vomit especially those who are suffering from severe morning sickness.

So far there is no specific case reported about how Yakult could cause harm for pregnant mothers. However, still consuming in the proper dosage is highly recommended.