5 Excellent Health Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Babies Skin

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It cannot be denied that nature is filled with ingredients that are good for humans. Natural ingredients have always been the main choice of most people to solve various problems. Starting from skin , body health, hair, facial problems, and many more.

One of the natural ingredients that has impressive benefits is Jojoba oil. Just like the health benefits of Ylang Ylang oil, Jojoba has been proven to provide solutions for many things related to beauty problems. With just a few drops, Jojoba oil can help improve overall skin and hair health.

Jojoba oil is a liquid extracted from the seeds of the jojoba plant called Simmondsia chinensis. These plants that grow in desert areas such as California and Mexico are resistant to heat and can retain water even in the harshness of the desert. 

In the natural oil family, jojoba oil is among the safest with a very low level of allergies. The content of Wax Ester in jojoba oil has the same characteristics as the composition structure of human skin so that it is safe to use for everybody.

One of the most popular uses of jojoba oil is as a cosmetic base. This is because jojoba oil is very durable and has a long shelf life. Until now, jojoba oil remains a popular ingredient in many skin and hair care products.

Using jojoba oil specifically without a mixture of other ingredients can improve skin health conditions. Jojoba oil is rich in beauty enhancing ingredients such as vitamin E, vitamin B complex, copper, and zinc.

When it is still in its unprocessed  state, this oil is like a golden wax, then during the refining process, this liquid turns colorless and odorless. This oil is beneficial not only for adults but also children because it contains many minerals and vitamins such as iodine, zinc, vitamin E, and B-complex.

Jojoba oil has been shown to be effective in treating several skin conditions, especially in children. For example, dealing with a rash caused by using diapers. You can also use this oil in combination with other essential oils. This oil is gaining popularity due to its soothing, moisturizing properties and is suitable for all skin types.

Just like having the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba oil may offer some benefits, such as:

1. Moisturizes skin

Jojoba oil is the perfect moisturizer for you, you know, because it is rich in ceramides so it can keep your child’s skin hydrated for a long time. This oil can also be absorbed by the skin easily, and is safe to use for baby massage. A bit different kind of usefulness than benefits of Barley for baby.

The continuous use of jojoba oil will leave your child’s skin feeling soft and supple. In addition, this oil will also strengthen the outer layer of the skin, and protect the skin from various allergies, dry skin, and dust.

2. Increases Hair’s Growth

Just like the Banana Suji Halwa for babies health, not only good for body skin, you can also use jojoba oil on baby’s hair and scalp. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties in jojoba oil can reduce your little one’s hair loss.

Yes, jojoba oil is able to promote hair growth by reducing clogged pores that cause hair loss. In turn, the oil will clear any clogs in the pores, which will encourage faster hair growth.

In addition, jojoba oil is also useful to strengthen the hair of newborns. This natural oil also helps smooth the cuticles of your little one’s hair.

This oil can be used to treat dandruff on the scalp of children. Apart from that, jojoba oil also protects the scalp from irritation and dryness by moisturizing it.

3. Taking Care of Acne

Jojoba oil can also be used to treat acne in babies. Yes, babies can also have some acne on their faces. To do this, mix Jojoba oil with lavender oil and gently apply it to the affected area on the baby’s face, then the pimples will disappear.

Nowadays, you can find some baby treatment products containing jojoba oil, so finding one wouldn’t be too hard. Also, Jojoba oil can treat skin disorders in children such as baby eczema, and psoriasis.

All you need to do is take a cotton ball, dip it in oil, and apply it directly to the affected baby’s skin. The antibacterial properties contained in jojoba oil can reduce skin inflammation so that wounds heal faster.

4. Cleaning Hair and Increase Skin’s Elasticity

Jojoba oil works best for cleansing the scalp. This oil works to reduce hair loss and damage due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. By using Jojoba oil, you can also remove sticky dirt and other particles in your baby’s hair.

The content of vitamin E in Jojoba oil functions as an antioxidant to strengthen capillary walls in the skin and increase skin elasticity. The antioxidant properties in this oil also help reduce the chances of skin cancer as it protects it from UV rays.

5. Rich of Antioxidants

Having a rich amount of antioxidants, like the Dragon Fruits benefits for baby, Jojoba oil may preserve a healthy and protected scalp. High antioxidants can be a natural protection against UV rays that may cause skin cancer when exposed excessively.

Moms just need to apply some oil to the baby’s head, before they’re going out, or right after taking a bath. This can offer additional protections against UV rays, free radicals, and other dangerous materials.