6 Awesome Benefits of Almond Oil During Pregnancy That You Should Take a Note

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Pregnancy is an extraordinarily challenging state. The mother will experience many emotional and physical changes during this phase. These changes are caused by levels of pregnancy hormones.

As a result, they may find a lot of discomfort during pregnancy and to overcome it, it is necessary to stay fit and happy. One simple way to reduce the level of stress is by simply having the health benefits of walking, which looks humble yet very beneficial for the mom’s health. Other than doing light physical activities, moms can also try to consume essential oils. Including almond oil.

As you may know, Almond oil is essential oil extracted from Almonds. Almonds contain protein, minerals, unsaturated fats, and vitamins (A, B, D and E), making almonds dubbed as a nutrient-rich food. So almond oil itself is often used as a carrier oil in the use of essential oils and skin care products.

Before using almond oil for pregnant women, you need to know there are three types of almond oil that can be found on the market, which need to be seen for their use and safety, Sweet, Bitter, and Roasted Almond Oil. Sweet almond oil has been used both to be consumed and as a moisturizing oil for centuries. 

Bitter almonds are a separate tree-type fruit with sweet almonds. Bitter almond oil is an essential oil, and quite toxic to consume. Highly beneficial as well as the benefits of Olive oil. Roasted almond oil is made from sweet almonds. This almond is usually used for cooking purposes only. 

Almonds are one type of nut that is good for pregnant women to consume. The reason is, almonds contain several nutrients that are very good for baby development and maternal health.

In addition, almonds also contain lots of healthy fats, nutrients, vitamins, and calories needed by babies to meet nutritional needs while in the womb. When processed into an almond oil, the way to consume it becomes more easy and appealing, especially when combined with mom’s healthy drink.

However, the almond oil may deliver a long line of benefit to pregnant ladies, including:

1. Reducing Stretch Marks

So, just like the health benefits of Peppermint oil, Almond oil can also be useful for reducing the sign of stretch marks. Almond oil can also be used on areas of dry stomach skin that have stretch marks due to pregnancy. By applying it on the stretch mark area regularly, it can help prevent / reduce stretch marks.

Just before doing this, make sure you’re not allergic to almonds. Otherwise, it would add another skin problem.

2. Makes Skin Smoother

While making the mom’s stretch marks gone, applying almond oil regularly can result in a more beautiful skin. Moms can basically use this essential oil to be a natural skincare for daily treatments.

Some studies suggest that the vitamin E content in almond oil can neutralize free radicals that cause premature aging. Besides that, it is also able to moisturize the skin and shrink pores. Also, 

almonds contain antioxidants that can protect the skin from UV rays by applying it to the face or body parts that are often exposed to UV rays.

3. Treating Wounds

Other than the benefits of Lotus Stem, almond oil can be a natural treatment for open wounds. Applying almond oil to the injured body part can accelerate wound healing, because almond oil is soothing and moisturizing.

You may as well consume the oil for treating it from the inside. Just add some oil to a drink (like tea for example), and you’re good to go.

4. Rich of Antioxidants

Almonds have a high content of antioxidants in the form of vitamin E. Vitamin E contained in almonds can actually help maintain the health of the mother and take care of the health of the baby’s skin while still in the womb. 

Not only in the mother’s womb, almonds can also keep the mother’s skin healthy. Because, vitamin E contained in almonds can ward off free radicals that come from air pollution and can also prevent damage to cells in the body. In addition, you will also avoid stretch marks because your skin’s moisture is maintained.

5. Helping the Fetus’s Growth

Just like the benefits of chamomile essential oil, almond oil may support the growth of the fetus inside mom’s womb. Almonds contain folic acid which is good for helping fetal brain development while in the womb.

Folic acid and vitamin B9 are in fact very necessary to help improve the nervous system of the fetus while still in the womb. The content of folic acid can also prevent babies born with developmental disorders.

Almonds also contain protein which can strengthen the baby’s muscle tissue and also make the baby have a healthy birth weight. In addition, protein can also be the main source of energy for pregnant women, so that pregnant women will not easily feel tired during the pregnancy process. 

After giving birth, mothers can still consume almonds so that their energy during breastfeeding is always maintained properly.

6. Better Immune System

Immunity in pregnant women is very important to be maintained in order to avoid various diseases during pregnancy. Pregnant women are strongly advised to consume almonds, because almonds contain vitamin C which is good enough to maintain the immunity of pregnant women.

Almonds have unsaturated fats which are very good for health. So, if pregnant women consume almonds regularly, it is likely that pregnant women will avoid cholesterol and heart disease.