Top 12 Health Benefits of Myrrh Oil (Story from the Bible)

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Do you know that among the three of gifts given to baby Jesus, myrrh oil is one of them? According to story in the Bible, besides gold and frankincense oil there is myrrh oil. Since it has been mentioned in Bible, surely you do no longer doubt about its healing properties. If you are familiar with the health benefits of frankincense oil and then you must have heard about myrrh oil as well and this article will discuss more about the health benefits of myrrh oil that everyone should know.

What is Myrrh Oil?

Among essential oil in the field of aromatherapy, myrrh oil is one of the most reputable essential oil because it is native to Egypt and has been well known for its healing properties since ancient Greek.

Myrrl oil is extracted from resin of a tree called Commiphora myrrha. The name myrrh is actually derived from the botanical name of the tree myrrha which originated from the Arabic word ‘murr’ which literal meaning is bitter.

It is named as ‘bitter’ because if you smell it, the most unique characteristic of myrrh oil is the trace of bitter smell along with smoky and sweet aroma. Though it is native to Egypt but the tree is common in Middle East and Africa. Botanically, the tree of myrrh oil is closely related to Boswellia sacre tree which leaves were extracted to make frankincense oil. So, just like frankincense, myrrh oil is also essential list of Arabic herbs and spices.

  1. Contains Astringent Properties

Astringent properties have a lot of role in your body metabolism. The most important function of astringent is to make sure proper blood clotting in the open wound.

It means astringent properties have ability to accelerate the healing of wound by promoting and optimizing the cells regeneration to reply the broken or dead cells. It also is strengthening gums and muscles as well as beneficial in maintaining the internal organs.

  1. Potent Antimicrobial Properties

Microbial infections may cause various diseases and the most common one is food poisoning and fever. Well, most people thought that the only way to deal with microbial infections is by taking antibiotic but everyone must aware as well that antibiotic is not without side effects, too much antibiotic in your body, instead of killing the bacteria, it may encourage the bacteria to be stronger than before.

The fact that one of the health benefits of myrrh oil is it could act as antibiotic effectively but with no side effect as mentioned above.

  1. Fights Viral Infections

There is no easy way to fight viral infection but the best way to fight is by making sure your immunity system is fully guarded. It means consuming foods that are rich of antioxidants and vitamin C are highly recommended because those two compounds will provide you the protection your body strongly needed.

However, myrrh oil has the same effect as well by fighting viral infections effectively and efficiently. It could relieve cough, accelerate the recovery process after light fever, natural solution to flu and many more.

  1. Stimulates Nervous System

Nervous system is probably the most important system in your body. The source of your nervous system is brain which has the control to all parts of your body system. It is because myrrh oil contains properties that could make sure optimal function of your brain and at the same time making sure the blood distribution to your brain is under control.

  1. Better Digestion

You have problem with your digestion like constipation or slow bowel movement? Well, you cannot take that issue for granted because according to Chinese, the center of yin and yang are in the stomach. Logically, stomach is where the foods are processed and the source of all nutrients required by body metabolism.

Without which, your body will easily be lack of essential nutrients. That’s why don’t take digestion problem lightly but instead finding the problem right away and you may use myrrh oil as the natural solution to deal with those conditions.

  1. Immunity Booster

Immunity system should be fully protected because no matter how much bacteria and viruses were swirling around you if you have excellent immunity system, you don’t need to worry about getting infected because you have been fully protected. Myrrh oil contains antioxidants, astringent properties and certain vitamins that could act as immunity booster. Furthermore, the antifungal, antimicrobial, anti-parasitic which combined with potent antioxidants found in myrrh oil are excellent reason why you should add myrrh oil as part of your healthy lifestyle.

  1. Improves Blood Circulation

Healthy blood circulation means your heart is working in normal pace without pressure and your body is getting enough oxygen as well as nutrition from the blood. That’s why consuming foods that are great for blood circulation is highly recommended in daily basis. Some studies have stated that myrrh oil has properties that may help improving the blood circulation and optimizing the nutrition and oxygen distribution to all parts of body cells.

  1. Excellent Anti-Inflammatory

The problem with inflammation is some people are suffering serious diseases without realizing that the root of that condition is inflammation. They keep wondering why the disease keeps coming back. Well, as potent anti-inflammatory, myrrh oil could help dealing with some conditions caused by inflammation in much better way while at the same time releasing the toxins from your body.

  1. Works as Antidepressant

Though some more studies were required to prove that myrrh oil may be effective to work as antidepressant but as one of the most reputable aromatherapy, the calming effect given by myrrh oil may help in reducing the symptoms of depression while at the same time reducing the chance of the episodes. Furthermore, those who have stress problem may use myrrh oil to help them relaxing their body and mind in effective but natural way.

  1. Great for Skin

Well, surely you have known that basically all essential oil is great for skin and myrrh oil is no exception. Healthy skin is not always about what you could see from the surface but healthy skin should be supported from inside as well. Consuming healthy foods rich of vitamin C may optimize the production of collagen to keep the skin’s elasticity while antioxidants found in myrrh oil may help in optimizing the skin cells regeneration. If you apply it to your skin, myrrh oil could act as natural moisturizer with better effect than any body lotion you could find in the marketplace.

  1. Anti-Cancer Properties

Have you heard about the benefits of aromatherapy to cancer patients? You must have known that those that are rich of antioxidant may be effective to fight cancer and myrrh oil is not only rich of antioxidants which some of them considered to be potent but it also contains anti-cancer properties. Some studies have shown that the anti-cancer properties found in myrrh oil could inhibit the replication of cancerous cells in human. So, while antioxidants are providing the protection from free radicals, the anti-cancer properties will make sure to stop the growth of cells that may lead to cancerous cells. Right now, myrrh oil has been used as part of cancer therapy though further studies in this field are strongly required to find out more possibility.

  1. Relaxation

Aromatherapy is like the gift from God for those who are looking for relaxing time. You must be surprise how simple myrrh oil in your bathtub could give so much relaxation your body needed. The aroma will soothe your mind while the oily texture will softer your skin and relaxing your muscle. Myrrh oil could be used as massage oil to keep your skin healthy, smooth and brighter. For those who have problem with smelly toe, just use myrrh oil to soak your feet every night to eliminate the odor.

Cautions of Myrrh Oil

Since myrrh oil is both used externally and internally surely there are some cautions you should aware of this essential oil. Though most of essential oil is considered to be relatively safe but the list below should not be taken for granted or at least discuss it with your doctor first before you decided to add myrrh oil as part of your medication.

  1. Though it has been proven to be great for skin but still those with sensitive skin should be aware of the chance of allergic reaction.
  2. Some people are also taking myrrh oil internally; those who are sensitive to this essential oil should be careful with its side effect in your stomach like diarrhea or stomach upset.
  3. Myrrh oil may increase the urine production, that’s why pregnant women who already have problem with their urination should avoid it at all cost.
  4. Diabetes patients should avoid myrrh oil because it may cause some abnormality in the blood sugar level.

There is always a way for you who are looking for solution to healthy living. Starting with the benefits of healthy eating habit and doing physical and mental benefits exercise regularly are highly recommended and taking advantages of the health benefits of myrrh oil is just among the recommended ways that may increase the quality of your healthy lifestyle.