Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil for Athletes Should Know!

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For a warrior, life is a battlefield and for an athlete, life is a competition. There is no easy life for athletes because for them, every day is a training day. One relaxing day means, one step behind because there are a lot of people out there who are willing to sacrifice their lives to become the best of the best. Well, not only that, athletes should always in a good and healthy lifestyle from habit up to diet.

Coconut Oil for Athletes

Do you know that simple coconut oil product is really good for athletes? It is actually a secret that not much athletes love to share. What is coconut oil? Coconut oil is oil made from fresh coconut milk which has been through heating process. The oil is very precious because not only it contains all the health benefits of coconut milk but also could be used more than what you could use from coconut milk. Traditionally, the health benefits of coconut oil for skin and hair have been well known worldwide because coconut oil is excellent to growth hair and natural moisturizer for skin. How about for athletes? What kind of benefits that coconut oil could provide for athletes? The list below will blow your simple mind.

  1. Coconut Oil is Rich of Fatty Acids

If you are familiar with the omega 3 fatty acids health benefits, and then you know how amazing the fatty acids for human health are. Specifically for coconut oil, this amazing natural oil contains lauric acid, one of the fatty acids that have a lot of benefits for human and specifically for athletes.

  1. Excellent Energy Booster

As mentioned in the previous point, the fatty acid contained in coconut oil is lauric acid. According to some scientific studies, lauric acid is essential to boost energy during a workout. The easily absorbed fat will act as the instant source of energy required during a workout. That is why coconut oil is a recommended supplement for athletes.

  1. Enhances Exercise Ability

Not only could act as energy booster, coconut oil could help enhancing the exercise ability in athlete as well. It is like a secret super power for athlete because according to NYU Langone Medical Center, the MCTs or lauric acid is essential to enhance the exercise ability for athletes.

  1. Boost Endurance during A Workout

Endurance is essential for athlete. The longer the endurance is better. Unfortunately, due to this purpose a lot of athletes are forcing themselves which could be dangerous because it could lead to injury. However, according to the same study mentioned in previous point, the MCTs will reduce the reliance of carbohydrate which could lead to longer endurance.

  1. Excellent Option for Healthy Diet

One of the things that every athlete should sacrifice in their life is associating with diet. Having a healthy diet in daily basis is essential for athlete because it affects their body metabolism directly. Coconut oil is low in fat and tasty to be used as replacement of high saturated fat of common cooking oil products.

  1. Beneficial for Athletes’ Weight Management

Diet is essential for athletes because it affects their weight management directly. Ideal body posture is essential for athletes because ideal body posture is not only good for flexibility but also movements and endurance. As mentioned in the previous point, coconut oil is excellent option for healthy diet especially for athletes.

  1. Prevents Diabetes

Those who have been diagnosed with certain types of diabetes will find it difficult even to live their lives. However, for athletes, it could be the end of the world because diabetes is not a condition that could be tolerated for athletes. Excessive body fat could lead to diabetic condition but according to study published in “Diabetes” in 2009 revealed that coconut oil is natural compound to prevent diabetes.

  1. Improves Body Metabolism

Healthy body metabolism is essential for athletes because it means all body parts are working properly. Consuming coconut oil could help improving the current body metabolism. The key is the fatty acid contained in coconut oil which could optimize the nutrient absorption.

  1. Optimizes the Nutrients Absorption

As mentioned in the previous point, fatty acid well known as lauric acid has essential function to optimize the nutrients absorption. Optimal nutrient absorption means optimal body metabolism while at the same time is lowering the chance of body in stocking some unnecessary stuff like fats and eliminating some prominent nutrients just because they are not perfectly absorbed.

  1. Balances the Hormones

Hormonal balance is also essential for athletes because like it or not, imbalance hormones could lead to mood swing and even affect body metabolism which is essential for athletes. However, when hormones are in balance or in perfect condition, athletes could achieve whatever they want.

  1. Improves the Sleep Quality

Asides from having a longer endurance during a workout, a high quality sleep is essential for athletes. There is no point of achieving the training target of the day if an athlete cannot sleep peacefully at night. It will affect their endurance toward pressure and insomnia could lead to stress and reduction of performance which is crucial for athletes.

  1. Reduces Inflammation

Injury is a nightmare for athletes but it is also not something they could avoid. Minor injuries could occur and could affect the whole performance of athletes but if you could reduce the chance of inflammation is even better. Consuming coconut oil regularly could help reducing the inflammation.

  1. Used as Oil Massage

There are a lot of functions and health benefits of oil massage that is why the choice is important. The most amazing thing about coconut oil is the aromatic aroma that could help relieving the muscle spasm as well as relieving the soul and mind from stress and pressure.

Cautions of Coconut Oil for Athletes

Aside from the benefits of coconut oil for athletes as mentioned above, there are some points you should take into account regarding taking coconut oil as food supplement.

  • Fatty acid like lauric acid is beneficial for athletes but other than that, coconut oil is also packed with some unhealthy saturated fat. In other words, you have to be careful when counting the calories if you add coconut oil as your additional food supplement.
  • There are a lot of products that claimed to be made of fresh coconut oil. Well, as consumer, you have to super careful in choosing the best products because it is not easy to differentiate which product is good or bad. Finding the reliable supplier is the only option and it is better if you could find the original supplier which makes their own coconut oil.

Coconut oil could be directly consumed or used as cooking oil. Moreover, coconut oil is also excellent to be added into salad mix, smoothies, coffees or other foods and beverages. As natural moisturizer, the natural aromatic of coconut is excellent for your skin and hair.